Thursday, December 27, 2012

Event Primer - UFC 155

 Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's doing spinning shit, now.

Facebook Prelims

Flyweight - Chris "Kamikaze" Cariaso vs John Moraga
  • Cariaso's Style - Muay thai, boxing
  • Moraga's Style - Wrestling, submissions
  • Prediction - Moraga by submission

Featherweight - Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia vs Max "Blessed" Holloway
  • Garcia's Style - Boxing, BJJ
  • Holloway's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - If he had a full camp, I'd go with Holloway, but this is on like 10 days notice for him, so I think Garcia will get win a decision.

Heavyweight - Phil "S11" De Fries vs Todd Duffee
  • De Fries's Style - Grappling
  • Duffee's Style -  Punches
  • Nickname Duffee Should Use - Todd "Duffman" Duffee
  • Prediction - De Fries with a submission

FX Prelims

Lightweight - Michael "The Menace" Johnson vs Myles "Fury" Jury
  • Johnson's Style - Wrestling, Fist In Box
  • Jury's Style - Kickboxing, BJJ
  • Alternate Jury Nicknames - Myles "Hung" Jury
  • Prediction - Johnson with a wrestley decision

Lightweight - Melvin "The Young Assassin" Guillard vs Jamie Varner
  • Guillard's Style - Boxing, wrestling, American Whu-Hit-U
  • Varner's Style - Wrestling, being awful
  • Prediction - Guillard with a huge knockout

Bantamweight - Erik "Goyito" Perez vs Byron Bloodworth
  • Perez's Style - Striking, submissions
  • Bloodworth's Style - Striking
  • Prediciton - Perez with a submission
  • Thoughts - Bloodworth is the best surname ever

Bantamweight - Brad "One Punch" Pickett vs Eddie Wineland
  • Pickett's Style - Punch
  • Wineland's Style - Striking, wrestling
  • Prediction -Pickett with a KO

PPV Main Card

Middlweight - Chris "The Crippler" Leben vs Derek "Wrecking Ball" Brusnon
  • Leben's Style - Punching, Zombie-Fu
  • Alternate Leben Nickname - Chris "The Cat Smasher" Leben
  • Brunson's Style - Poker, Wrestling
  • Prediction - Leben with a KO

Middleweight - Yushin "Thunder" Okami vs Alan "The Talent" Belcher
  • Okami's Style - Wrestling
  • Belcher's Style - Muay Thai
  • Prediction - Belcher via KO

Middleweight - Tim "The Barbarian" Botesch vs Costa Philippou
  • Boestsch's Style - Wrestling
  • Philippou's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Boetsch with a decision victory

Lightweight - Jim Miller vs Joe "J-Lau" Lauzon
  • Miller's Style - Grappling
  • Lauzon's Style - BJJ
  • Alternate Lauzon Nickname - "Creepy" Joe Lauzon
  • Prediction - Miller with a submission

Main Event

Heavyweight Title - Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez
  • Dos Santos's Style - Boxing
  • Velasquez's Style - The Take Him Down (Wrestling)
  • Prediction - Dos Santos with another KO victory

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's less intense than Gegard Mousasi.

Fights - A whole lot of fights went down, so let's not waste any time and get right into the action.

SFL 13 - Super Fight League crowned a bunch of champions on Friday as it was their last show of the year.

Khan vs Eidehlouei

Jamshed Khan defeated Rouhollah Eidehlouei due to retirement at the end of round two.

Check out a ton more fights, plus pure craziness after the jump!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mega Event Primer - 2 TUFs, Tony

TUF: The Smashes Finale - I didn't watch this version of The Ultimate Fighter, so I'm completely lost on a bunch of these dudes.  Whatever, that's never stopped me before!

Preliminary Card (FuelTV)

Light Heavyweight - Nick "The Quiet Assassin" Penner vs Cody "Donnybrook" Donovan
  • Penner's Style - Striking
  • Donovan's Style - Grappling
  • Prediction - Penner by KO
  • Thoughts - If Penner can knock out Butterbean, he can knock out Donovan.

Lightweight - Brendan Loughnane vs Mike "The Warrior" Wilkinson
  • Loughnane's Style - Punches
  • Wilkinson's Style - Wrestle-boxing
  • Prediction - Wilkinson by submission

Welterweight - Ben "Benny Blanco" Alloway vs Manuel "Chalate" Rodriguez
  • Alloway's Style - Punches
  • Rodriguez's Style - Submissions
  • Prediction - Alloway by punches because his nickname intrigues me.

Welterweight - Mike Pierce vs Seth "Polish Pistola" Baczynski
  • Pierce's Style - Wrestling
  • Baczynski's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Pierce by furious, wrestley, decision

Light Heavyweight - Igor Pokrajac vs Joey "The Mexecutioner" Beltran
  • Pokrajac's Style - Striking
  • Beltran's Style - Punches
  • Prediction - Beltran by TKO

Featherweight - Chad "Money" Mendes vs Yaotzin Meza
  • Mendes's Style - Wrestling, Brozilian Bro-Jitsu
  • Meza's Style - Wrestle-boxing
  • Prediction - Mendes via Brolotine choke
  • Thoughts - Obligatory Team Alpha Male video.

Main Card (FX)

Middleweight - Hector "Lightning" Lombard vs Rousimar "Toquinho" Palhares
  • Lombard's Style - Boxing, judo
  • Palhares's Style - BJJ, leg-murder
  • Alternate Palhares Names - Who's Omar Paul Harris, Rousimar Paul Harris, Paul Harris
  • Prediction - Palhares is going to remove one of Lombard's legs.
  • Thoughts - I hope these two squat, boxy men have a fun fight

TUF: The Smashes Lightweight Final - Colin "Freakshow" Fletcher vs  "Stormin" Norman Parke
  • Fletcher's Style - Submissions
  • Parke's Style - Wrestling, Judo
  • Prediction - Fletcher by submission

TUF: The Smashes Welterweight Final - Robert Whittaker vs Brad "Bear" Scott
  • Whittaker's Style - Striking
  • Scott's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Scott by KO

Lightweight - George Sotiropoulos vs Ross "The Real Deal" Pearson

TUF 16: Carwin vs Nelson Finale - I actually watched this season, but all the fighters were meh, so only the final round of the tournament is on the card, ha!

Preliminary Card (Facebook)

Flyweight - Jared "The Jackhammer" Papazian vs Tim Elliott
  • Papazian's Style - Boxing
  • Elliott's Style - Muay Thai, wrestling
  • Prediction - Elliott by submission

Lightweight - Mike "The Wolverine" Rio vs John Cofer
  • Rio's Style - Grappling
  • Cofer's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Rio by decision

Bantameweight - Reuben "Hurricane" Duran vs Hugo "Wolverine" Viana
  • Duran's Style - Striking
  • Viana's Style - Boxing
  • Prediction - Viana by TKO.
  • Thoughts - Man, I kind of want to see Rio vs Viana for rights to "Wolverine" as a nickname

Preliminary Card (FuelTV)

Welterweight - TJ Waldburger vs Nick "The Jersey Devil" Catone
  • Waldburger's Style - BJJ
  • Catone's Style - Wrestling, BJJ, boxing
  • Prediction - Waldburger by submission

Lightweight - Vinc "From Hell" Pichel vs Rustam "Tiger" Khabilov
  • Pichel's Style - Striking
  • Khabilov's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Pichel by KO

Bantamweight - Johnny "Brutal" Bedford vs Marcos "Vina" Vinicius
  • Bedford's Style - Wrestling
  • Vinicius's Style - Grappling
  • Prediction - Bedford by decision
  • Thoughts - Part of me wants Vinicius to KO Bedford so we can get another "Do you know where you are?" "Ohio?" moments from TUF (Bedford was in Las Vegas at the time he said that)

Welterweight - Mike "Quicksand" Pyle vs James Head
  • Pyle's Style - Striking, BJJ
  • Head's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Pyle by submission

Main Card (FX)

Featherweight - Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier vs Jonathan Brookins
  • Poirier's Style - BJJ
  • Brookins's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediciton - Poirier by submission

Lightweight - Melvin "The Young Assassin" Guillard vs Jamie Varner
  • Guillard's Style - Boxing, American Whu-Hit-U (Yes, best fight style!)
  • Varner's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Guillard by KO
  • Thoughts - I still hate Jamie Varner.

Heavyweight - Pat "HD" Barry vs Shane Del Rosario
  • Barry's Style - Kickboxing
  • Del Rosario's Style - Muay thai, BJJ
  • Prediction - Barry by Leg Kick TKO
  • Thoughts - I'm glad Barry got ambushed and had his head shorn so maybe now he'll kick dudes way hard instead of looking for submissions.

TUF 16 Welterweight Final - Mike "The Martian" Ricci vs Colton Smith
  • Ricci's Style - Dapper
  • Alternate Ricci Nickname - "Handsome" Mike Ricci
  • Smith's  Style - Wrestling, Military
  • Prediction - Colton is going to do a bunch of wrestles and win a decision

Heavyweight - Roy "Big Country" Nelson vs Matt "Meathead" Mitrione
  • Nelson's Style - BJJ, Boxing
  • Mitrione's Style - Football, Kinda Crazy
  • Prediction - Mitrione by decision
  • Thoughts - Nelson's show to have a very good chin in his recent fights, so Mitrione won't knock him out, and

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s dirtier than Matt Lindland.

Fights - A whole lot of action when down this weekend, so let's get right into the punches!

SFL 12 - Super Fight League brought the awesome with a bunch of sloppy fighting that amused me to no end.

Babu vs Singh

Sharath Babu finished off Varinder Singh in just under four minutes by way of technical knock out due to punches.

For way more fights, check out the rest of This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff after the jump!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cage Justice - Joe Son

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s more confusing than rubber guard terminology.

MMA has its fair share of dirtballs, scumbags, dirtbags, scumballs, shitheads, assholes, and just plain fucking jerks.  Sometimes there is criminal evidence of the wrongdoing, while sometimes it's just awful stuff done in a fight.  Cage Justice is about pointing out the instances of horrible behavior, and either detailing the legal repercussions meted out, or the ass kickings received in fights, sometimes both!

Who we talking about here?

Joe Son is currently the king of reprehensible fuck heads in the world of MMA.  If he looks slightly familiar, that might be because he played Random Task in the first Austin Powers movie, throwing a shoe at Powers.

Okay, so what did he do?

He was charged with multiple sexual offenses for raping a woman repeatedly at gunpoint (And also with the gun), but it was determined the statute of limitations was up on those charges, so instead, he was convicted of torture.

While in prison, his cellmate was murdered, and he's the prime suspect.

Holy shit, what are his punishments?

Legally, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  However, this is Cage Justice, so let's focus on the visceral aspect of retribution.

Now, since he's been in prison for so long, he was never beaten to a pulp when anyone knew what he did.  However, Keith Hackney (Greatest American hero?) provided some amount of retribution if you don't think about time in a linear fashion (AKA you are Steven Seagal).  In an early UFC (Back when the only rule is THERE ARE NO RULES, JUST BLEEEED!), Hackney took Son to the mat and proceeded to wail on Son's balls with the fury of everyone that just read those Joe Son articles.  It is nowhere near enough, but it's the best we'll get.  Just keep watching that video any time you get angry.

UFC on Fox 5 Event Primer

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s more one dimensional than Ronda Rousey.

Preliminary Card - Facebook

Bantamweight - Scott "Young Guns" Jorgensen vs John "Prince" Albert
  • Jorgensen's Style - Wrestling
  • Mean-spirited Jorgensen Nickname - Scotty "Spotty" Jorgensen
  • Albert's Style - Freestyle
  • Prediction - Jorgensen wins by wrestling-centric decision
  • Thoughts - Jorgensen is cool and does good fights, I hope he wins!

Preliminary Card - FX

 Featherweight - Dennis "The Menace" Siver vs Nam Phan
  • Siver's Style - Kickboxing
  • Phan's Style - BJJ, Karate
  • Prediction - Phan wins a decision
  • Thoughts - Battel of spinning back kicks and body/liver shots. Guts are going to get ruined in this one!

Lightweight - Tim "The Dirty Bird" Means vs Abel "Killa" Trujillo
  • Means's Style - Striking
  • Trujillo's Style - Grappling
  • Prediction - Tim Means war and gets a knockout victory.
  • Thoughts - Ugh, Trujillo has a dumb fence tattoo, boo to that.

Lightweight - Daron "Detroit Superstar" Cruickshank vs Henry "Sicario" Martinez
  • Cruickshank's Style - Wrestling
  • Alternate Cruickshank Nickname - Daron "Hermione Granger's Cat" Cruickshank
  • Martinez's Style - Grappling
  • Prediction - Cruickshank with a knockout

 Lightweight - Ramsey Nijem vs Joe Proctor
  • Nijem's Style - Wrestling
  • Proctor's Style - Grappling
  • Alternate Proctor Nicknames - Joe "Doctor" Proctor, Joe "Proctorologist" Proctor
  • Prediction - Proctor is going to submit Ramsey

Bantamweight - Rafael Assuncao vs Mike "The Hulk" Easton
  • Assuncao's Style - BJJ, Muay Thai
  • Easton's Style - BJJ, Tae Kwon Do
  • Prediction - Easton by decision
  • Thoughts - EASTON DOES NOT PLAY!

Lightweight - Yves "Thugjitsu Master" Edwards vs Jeremy "Lil' Heathen" Stephens
  • Edwards's Style - Thugjitsu
  • Stephens's Style - Boxing, BJJ
  • Prediction - Edwards by submission
  • Thoughts - Yves is like the coolest dude ever.  Win, Yves, win!

 Main Card - Fox

Welterweight - Mike "Quick" Swick vs Matt "The Immortal" Brown
  • Swick's Style - Kickboxing
  • Brown's Style - Judo, BJJ
  • Prediction - Mike Swick will continue to be back and submit Brown with a Swickotine.
  • Thoughts - This fight should be way good.

Welterweight - B.J. "The Prodigy" Penn vs Rory "Ares" MacDonald

Light Heavyweight - Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson

Main Event

Lightweight Title - Benson "Smooth" Henderson vs. Nate Diaz
  • Henderson's Style - Grappling, Tae Kwon Do
  • Alternate Henderson Nicknames - "Robert Guillaume" Benson Henderson, Benson "Bendo" Henderson, Benson "And Hedges" Henderson
  • Diaz's Style - CESAR GRACIE JIU JITSU (WHAT?!), Boxing
  • Prediciton - My heart wants a draw, my head sees Benson winning via wrestling-heavy decision, but Nate boxing Henderson up for a TKO or (impossible as it sounds), catching Bendo in a submission could happen.  Too close to call, guh!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s dumber than letting Masakazu Imanari touch your foot.

 Fights - A whole lot of fights to cover, and some of them were half-decent!

Hardrock MMA 51 - The only reason I know about this event is because noted psychopath Junie Browning was making his return to MMA here.  It looks like it was pretty neat!

Goodal vs Bell

Ian Goodal submitted Eric Bell in round three with a rear naked choke.  It was a pretty good fight with a neat finish, but I think I love Ian's entrance music the best.

For a lot more fights (Seriously, a LOT more), and some news about fights, follow after the break!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s more delusional than Phil Baroni.

Fights - A lot of fights from around the globe this week.  India, Canada, South Korea!

SFL 10 -What's this?  Super Fight League didn't have a fight go to decision?  Did someone not get the message that at least one fight has to go to the judges?

Kumar vs Farhan

Jagdish Kumar sloppily punches and kicks his way to a first round TKO (by retirement) over Shaikh Mohammed Farhan.

Check out way more fights after the jump!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s more erratic than Dominick Cruz.

Fights - There was a UFC PPV, Bellator, SFL (BOOM, POW, PUNCH, KICK, WOW!) and a random assortment of two people flailing their limbs at each other until one cannot take it any more (Wait, I already said Super Fight League).

TPF 15 - Tachi Palace Fights is a regional MMA organization that works as a half-decent feeder league to the UFC.

Clark vs Miranda

Gif by

Dominick Clark knocked out Andy Miranda in just under two minutes in the first round.

Perez vs De Soto

Gif by

Alex Perez took just two seconds longer than Clark to knockout Carlos De Soto with punches.

Check out many much more fights after the jump!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Event Primer - UFC 154

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's less ridiculous than being an "American-Whu-Hit-U" fighter.

UFC 154 is on Saturday, and thankfully it starts at night time in the Western hemisphere (Best hemisphere).  Here are the fights and what I think about them!

Preliminary Card - Facebook

Featherweight - Steven "Super" Siler vs. Darren "The Damage" Elkins
  • Siler's Style - Grappling
  • Other Siler Nickname - Steven "The Miller Killer" Siler
  • Elkins's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Elkins is going to do so many wrestles to Siler and win by decision
  • Thoughts - After checking out Siler's record, I'm convinced something called "Olly Bradstreet" is some kind of nightmare monster for him.

Bantamweight - Ivan "The Pride of El Salvador" Menjivar vs. Azamat "Tough Guy" Gashimov
  • Menjivar's Style - Striking, BJJ
  • Gashimov's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Menjivar is going to submit the heck outta Gashimov
  • Thoughts - I don't know anything about Gashimov, but Menjivar is really cool, so he should win everything.

Welterweight - Matt "Deep Waters" Riddle vs. John "The One" Maguire
  • Riddle's Style - Wrestling, BJJ
  • Maguire's Style - Submissions, Gypsy Jiu-Jitsu
  • Prediction - I think Maguire is going to submit Riddle.
  • Thoughts - I'm slowly starting to like Riddle as a fighter (And he always seemed like a decent enough person, but I'm liking that more, too), but being a "Gypsy Jiu-Jitsu" practicioner is too rad to pass up.  Also, I wonder if Riddle will test positive for weed for this fight!

Featherweight - Antonio "Pato" Carvahlo vs. Rodrigo Damm
  • Carvahlo's Style - Striking, BJJ
  • Damm's Style - Wrestling, BJJ
  • Prediction - Carvahlo wins with a TKO
  • Thoughts - Carvahlo has never lost in Canada, so, scientifically, he will win this fight.  Damm's sister, Carina also fights and has the weird nickname of "Beauty But the Beast".
Check out more predictions and whatnot after the jump!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s more of a joke than Kimbo Slice.

Fights - Hey, UFC fights are back, yay!  Plus Bellator and SFL (PUNCH KICK WOW) as always (Well, not always, Bellator's season ends in a month, and I don't know if SFL is going to literally run every week or not).

Bellator 80 - On this edition of Bellator Fighting Championships, the finals for the Heavyweight and Featherweight tournaments were set up, plus former champion and self-proclaimed "Baddest Man on the Planet", Joe Warren returned to see if he would get knocked out for the third fight in a row.

DeRocher vs. Krahl

Gif by

Ryan DeRocher punched Taylor Krahl, and now Taylor has to crawl everywhere he goes.  I am the worst.

Vedepo vs. Bernhard

Gif by

This is some crazy stuff.  Bernhard throws a kick and slips, so Vedepo dives into guard, and gets stuck in a triangle.  Vedepo jams his shin and knee all up in Bernhard's neck, and eventually postures up enough and the pressure causes Bernhard to tap out.

Gif by

So, ladies and gentlemans, here is the Vedepo choke.  If works perfectly against dorks too dumb to let go of a crappy triangle to avoid getting themselves choked out.

Check out more Bellator, SFL, UFC and other fights, plus lots of news after the jump!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Event Primer - UFC on Fuel: Franklin vs. Le

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s spiraling downwards more than Drew Fickett.

UFC on Fuel:  Franklin vs. Le is coming live from Macau at like 9AM ET on Saturday, yeesh.  Here are the fights!

Facebook Prelims

Welterweight - David "Daudi" Mitchell vs. Hyun Gyu "The Ace" Lim
  • Mitchell's Style - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Alternate Mitchell Nicknames - David "HENNIMORE!" Mitchell
  • Lim's Style - Boxing
  • Prediction - Lim will do some ferocious punching upon Mitchell's countenance and win via knockout.
  • Thoughts - Mitchell is kinda cool because his fight with TJ Waldburger had roughly fifty submission attempts every minute of every round (Ineffective grappling is really fun sometimes).  I've never seen Lim fight, so I'm probably SUPER WRONG on the prediction (But, I'm SUPER WRONG on predictions between two fighters I've seen fight for years, so I guess I'm just awful at picks)

Middleweight - Riki Fukuda vs. Tom DeBlass
  • Fukuda's Style - Wrestling
  • DeBlass's Style - BJJ
  • Prediction - Fukuda will grind DeBlass into a wrestley paste, win by decision.
  • Thoughts -I like that both Fukuda and DeBlass have stoppages over guys that have lost spectacularly in the UFC (Fukuda TKO'd Brandon Wolff, who got MURDERED by Ben Saunders's Muay Thai clinch knees, and DeBlass Achilles locked Sean Salmon, who took a hilarious head kick KO from Rashad Evans)

Flyweight - Yashuhiro Urushitani vs. John "Hands of Stone" Lineker
  • Urushitani's Style - Hugs, some punches
  • Lineker's Style - Punches
  • Prediction - Lineker by punches, TKO.
  • Thoughts - This should be a mega-fun fight (TINY PUNCHMEN BEST PUNCHMEN).  I'm a little conflicted on the prediction, since Lineker lost to green haired dingus Louis Gaudinot, while Urushitani defeated currently Flyweight #1 contender, John Dodson (Though that was 8 years ago, so it's hardly useful).  Whatever, I think Lineker has enough power to put Urushitani to sleep.

Bantamweight - Alex "Bruce Leeroy" Caceres vs. Motonobu Tezuka
  • Caceres's Style -Submissions
  • Tezuka's Style -Grappling
  • Prediction -Tezuka by excessive hugging (Decision)
  • Thoughts -I don't know anything about Tezuka, but Caceres is pretty much average at best (So watch him turn in the best performance ever and make me look even more dumber)
Check out the rest of the card after the jump!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s spiraling downwards more than Drew Fickett.

Fights - In addition to the Bellator, Super Fight League (PUNCH KICK WOW) and random grab bag fights, there was also World Series of Fighting 1 going down on Saturday.  Hooray for new MMA organizations!

Bellator 79 - There were some vicious beatings doled out to people with ridiculous choices in personal grooming (So, pretty standard for a MMA event).

Minakov vs. Starcencov

Gif by

Bellator has a ton of Russian fighters, and sometimes, they get matched up (Though Starcencov is technically Russian-Canadian).  Vitaly Minakov punched Vladimir Starcencov in the face for a while until Vladimir fell down.

Ford vs. Baker

Gif by

In the first of two "guy what looks dumb gets beaten up" fights, Ryan Ford punched the ridiculous out of Kyle Baker's mustache and bald head on the way to a unanimous decision victory.

Check out more from Bellator, SFL, WSoF, and much more after the jump!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fighter Retrospective - Genki Sudo

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s a worse judge of fights than Cecil Peoples.

Fighter Retrospectives is when I take a look back at retired fighters (Or at least a guy that’s been fighting at least 15 years) and try to convince you why they are super-duper awesome.   Today, the focus is on the Transforming Trickster, the Neo-Samurai, Genki Sudo.

Wull, why should I care about this guy?  (That’s you)

Genki Sudo is probably my favorite fighter that I never saw live, and sometimes he’s my favorite fighter, period, with no qualifications.  He was predominantly a grappler, having done Greco-Roman wrestling in high school, and then later taking up Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  His striking wasn’t awful, and he even fought in some K-1 kickboxing bouts (to extremely limited success, going 2-4), but his hugging prowess easily overshadows his kickpuncher skills.  What really draws me to Sudo is his ability to mix showmanship with skill.  He had ridiculous entrances that not only blew most other fighter entrances out of the water (Pretty easy, since other than like five dudes all walk-outs are boring and bland), but were way better than a lot of professional wrestling entrances, too.  The antics didn’t stop inside the ropes (Or, for like three fights, the cage), though.  Genki would dance around during a fight, dropping his hands to do the robot, turn his back on his opponent, and basically refuse to take things seriously.  He claimed it was never to embarrass or make fun of his opponent, but his attempts at elevating the fight to a true art form.  His overarching message is We Are All One, a concept he enforced by carrying a banner with that phrase and various flags of the world stitched onto it.

Okay, wull, lemme see some of these “awesome entrances” I guess.  (You, again)

A Genki Sudo entrance is a great thing to behold because it always involves costumes, backup dancers, rad, choreographed moves, and usually the dramatic removal of the aforementioned costume.

He’s walked out to the fight as, among other things, several different space robots, a Chinese drunken boxer, some sort of aboriginal person, and Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn.

Check out more Genki Sudo radness after the jump.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s less predictable than Genki Sudo.

Fights - As always, fights happened, and I'm here to give a brief synopsis of the cool parts, and whatnot.

Bellator 78 - As usual, Bellator Fighting Championships had a good event on Friday that was kind of marred by some bad refereeing in the co-main and main event.

McNally Beats Blattman

Gif by

Justin McNally made extremely short work of Dave Blattman, choking him into unconsciousness with a triangle in under 40 seconds.

Parlo Clips Combs's Beard

Gif by

Mikkel Parlo finished off Jared Combs in just under four minutes with a TKO.

Check out more Bellator fights, Super Fight League (BOOM, POW, PUNCH, KICK, WOW!), some more randomly grabbed fights, plus some fight news, including Halloween costumes after the jump.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RIP Jeff Blatnick

“What do you practice for? What do you train for? To improve”

Blatnick had planned on wrestling in the 1980 Olympics, but the USA boycotted the games.  In 1982, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, had his spleen and appendix removed and underwent radiation treatment.  In 1984, Blatnick defeatedSweden’s Tomas Johansson for the gold medal, a feat even more impressive after Johanssontested positive for Methenolone, an anabolic steroid.  After his victory, Blatnick was chosen to be Team USA’s flag bearer during the closing ceremony.  A year later, Blatnick suffered a relapse of Hodgkin's, overcame it again, and officially retired by 1988.

 Jeff went on to work as a commentator for both Olympic wrestling and UFC 4 through 32.  He also spent some time as the commissioner of the UFC.  He constantly worked to get MMA legalized and accepted, and his work on the Mixed Martial Arts Council Manual was a precursor to the current Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.  He not just a MMA judge, but pretty much the best MMA judge.  His method for scoring rounds makes the most sense to me, and I wish it would get adopted across the board for all judges.

Here's a clip of Blatnick explaining that he never set out to become an Olympian, he just wanted to be the best each time he stepped onto the mat.

Blatnick Talks Wrestling, MMA, and Judging

In one of his most recent interviews, Jeff Blatnick speaks with Luke Thomas about wrestling and judging in MMA.

Jeff Blatnick Wins Gold

I'll finish with the last minutes of Blatnick's gold medal contest in the 1984 Olympics.  Full match, minus his emotional interview, can be found here.