Thursday, November 8, 2012

Event Primer - UFC on Fuel: Franklin vs. Le

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UFC on Fuel:  Franklin vs. Le is coming live from Macau at like 9AM ET on Saturday, yeesh.  Here are the fights!

Facebook Prelims

Welterweight - David "Daudi" Mitchell vs. Hyun Gyu "The Ace" Lim
  • Mitchell's Style - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Alternate Mitchell Nicknames - David "HENNIMORE!" Mitchell
  • Lim's Style - Boxing
  • Prediction - Lim will do some ferocious punching upon Mitchell's countenance and win via knockout.
  • Thoughts - Mitchell is kinda cool because his fight with TJ Waldburger had roughly fifty submission attempts every minute of every round (Ineffective grappling is really fun sometimes).  I've never seen Lim fight, so I'm probably SUPER WRONG on the prediction (But, I'm SUPER WRONG on predictions between two fighters I've seen fight for years, so I guess I'm just awful at picks)

Middleweight - Riki Fukuda vs. Tom DeBlass
  • Fukuda's Style - Wrestling
  • DeBlass's Style - BJJ
  • Prediction - Fukuda will grind DeBlass into a wrestley paste, win by decision.
  • Thoughts -I like that both Fukuda and DeBlass have stoppages over guys that have lost spectacularly in the UFC (Fukuda TKO'd Brandon Wolff, who got MURDERED by Ben Saunders's Muay Thai clinch knees, and DeBlass Achilles locked Sean Salmon, who took a hilarious head kick KO from Rashad Evans)

Flyweight - Yashuhiro Urushitani vs. John "Hands of Stone" Lineker
  • Urushitani's Style - Hugs, some punches
  • Lineker's Style - Punches
  • Prediction - Lineker by punches, TKO.
  • Thoughts - This should be a mega-fun fight (TINY PUNCHMEN BEST PUNCHMEN).  I'm a little conflicted on the prediction, since Lineker lost to green haired dingus Louis Gaudinot, while Urushitani defeated currently Flyweight #1 contender, John Dodson (Though that was 8 years ago, so it's hardly useful).  Whatever, I think Lineker has enough power to put Urushitani to sleep.

Bantamweight - Alex "Bruce Leeroy" Caceres vs. Motonobu Tezuka
  • Caceres's Style -Submissions
  • Tezuka's Style -Grappling
  • Prediction -Tezuka by excessive hugging (Decision)
  • Thoughts -I don't know anything about Tezuka, but Caceres is pretty much average at best (So watch him turn in the best performance ever and make me look even more dumber)
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Main Card

Bantamweight - Takeya Mizugaki vs. Jeff "Hellbound" Houghland
  • Mizugaki's Style - Striking
  • Houghland's Style -BJJ
  • Prediction - Mizugaki is probably better at most everything than Houghland, so I see him taking a decision.
  • Thoughts - Mizugaki has been matched  up with some very tough competition since he came under Zuffa contract, so I hope he gets a bit of an easy win, he has fun fights.

Lightweight - Tiequan "The (Mongolian) Wolf" Zhang vs. Jon "The Super Saiyan" Tuck
  • Zhang's Style - Wrestling, BJJ (Guillotines)
  • Tuck's Style - BJJ
  • Alternate Tuck Nicknames - Jon "Friar" Tuck, Jon "What the" Tuck
  • Prediction - Tuck by knockout, probably in the first round.
  • Thoughts - So Tuck's another Dragon Ball Z inspired fighter?  That brings the total to 3 that have fought in the UFC (Tuck, Marcus Brimage, and Carlos Newton), at least to my knowledge.  I know it seems odd to say Tuck is a BJJ guy (He does have a brown belt, same as Zhang) and claim he'll win by KO, but his wins are evently split, and he's the only person to knockout Eduard Folayang (In just 8 seconds, too!)

Lightweight - Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi vs. Mac Danzig
  • Gomi's Style - Boxing, Wrestling
  • Alternate Gomi Nicknames - Takanori "Box-head" Gomi, Takanori "Garbage" Gomi
  • Danzig's Style -Grappling, boxing
  • Alternate Danzig Nicknames - Mac "Bring Me Soup" Danzi(n)g
  • Prediction - Please let Gomi punch Danzig in the head really hard and very often until a falling down happens.
  • Thoughts - Danzig takes really good pictures of things.

Welterweight - Dong Hyun "Stun Gun" Kim vs. Paulo Thiago
  • Kim's Style - Judo, kickboxing
  • Alternate Kim Nicknames - Dong Hyun "Doggone" Kim, Dong Hyun "Dadgum(mit)" Kim
  • Thiago's Style -BJJ, judo, boxing
  • Prediction -I like both dudes, but I think Kim is better at grapples, and that's usually how Thiago loses (Minus the face implosion from Siyar Bahadurzada), so I think Kim decisions Thiago.
  • Thoughts -Paulo is a cop, so he might arrest Kim after the fight.

Light Heavyweight - Thiago Silva vs. Stanislav "Stucky" Nedkov
  • Silva's Style - Muay Thai, BJJ
  • Nedkov's Style -BJJ
  • Prediction -Nedkov by TKO
  • Thoughts -Silva hasn't really been the same since he got KO'd by Machida, and I think he'll continue to struggle.

Main Event

Middleweight - Rich "Ace" Franklin vs. Cung Le
  • Franklin's Style -Kickboxing, BJJ
  • Le's Style -Sanshou (AKA Weird kickboxing), kickboxing, wrestling
  • Prediction -Franklin by TKO.
  • Thoughts - I'm surprised this isn't taking place at Franklinweight (190 - 195).  This should be a good battle of dudes with really jacked up noses.

 Join me on Saturday at the With Leather Live Event Discussion to talk about the fights!