Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog (There's such a dearth of those, it'll be good to be on the ground floor of talking about MMA online) that is full of awful opinions (So pretty standard for MMA blogs).

Before we get too far, let's clarify what MMA is.  It stands for Mixed Marshall Arts, which is any project that both Penny and Garry collaborate on.  My personal favorite MMA is A League of Their Own.  Oh, bad jokes, you will find a welcome home here!  Of course, MMA is short for Mixed Martial Arts, which means two people in shorts punch, kick, and hug upon each other to the drunken adoration of bloodthirsty meat heads.  It is simultaneously the best and dumbest sport in the world.  This blog is dedicated to teaching people about MMA and converting them into fans.

A brief note about the somewhat long and unwieldy name of this blog.  Leg kick TKOs are one of my favorite fight finishes (I pretty much become instantly enamored with anyone that wins by low kicks), mainly because of how well it reinforces the whole "best and dumbest" dichotomy of the sport.  The winner is awesome because of the skill and dedication to focus on battering an opponent's legs instead of winging haymakers, while the loser is a giant idiot for NOT CHECKING LEG KICKS!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  SHEESH-BO-BEESH!

Anyway, I'm bad at ending things, so I'll just say stick around and feel free to drop a comment about how awful and stupid MMA is, because honestly, it often is!