Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s more erratic than Dominick Cruz.

Fights - There was a UFC PPV, Bellator, SFL (BOOM, POW, PUNCH, KICK, WOW!) and a random assortment of two people flailing their limbs at each other until one cannot take it any more (Wait, I already said Super Fight League).

TPF 15 - Tachi Palace Fights is a regional MMA organization that works as a half-decent feeder league to the UFC.

Clark vs Miranda

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Dominick Clark knocked out Andy Miranda in just under two minutes in the first round.

Perez vs De Soto

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Alex Perez took just two seconds longer than Clark to knockout Carlos De Soto with punches.

Check out many much more fights after the jump!

Avila vs Crisp

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Anthony Avila barely needed more than sixty seconds to get a submission victory over Darren Crisp, getting the tap out with a guillotine choke.

DeAnda vs Ruiz

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Angel DeAnda won the vacant Light Heavyweight title in round three with a knockout of Anthony Ruiz.

SFL 9 - I don't know if it is hilarious or getting creepy that since SFL went to weekly shows with predominantly Indian talent, every card has one decision and six stoppages.  Whatever, SFL is cool, watch it for free, live on Fridays at like 11:30 AM ET (It will be over by like 12:45) or just whenever on youtube.

Kumar vs Mahanta

Santosh Kumar started the night off quickly, submitting Sachin Mahanta in 3:41 with a guillotine choke.

Prasad vs Eidehlouei

Shyam Prasad fought on the SFL 4 card, dispatching Guarav Singh with a rear naked choke in less than a minute into the second round.  This time, Shyam worked a lot quicker, tapping out Rouhollah Eidehlouei with a guillotine choke at 1:08 in round one.

Monika vs Kaur

In the obligatory decision fight, Monika and Gurleen Kaur went all three rounds.

Bankura vs Singh

Satendar Bankura had something else on his schedule apparently, as he knocked out Rajbir Singh in just 21 seconds into round one.

Choudhury vs Khan

Bhabajeet Choudhury also fought on SFL 4, dispatching Charanjeet Singh in round two with a spinning back kick.  This time, Jamshed Khan wasn't as luck, getting taken out with knees late in round one.

Khan vs Kumar

At SFL 4, Ifran Khan was the designated decisioner, needing all three rounds and the judges to defeat Kaushik Sen.  This time, Khan worked a lot quicker, submitting Kapil Kumar (Who won at SFL 6) with a guillotine choke in round two.

Wahman vs Muhammed

Amr Wahman actually lost at SFL 4, but now he's back and knocking out Baz Muhammed right at the end of round one.

Bellator 81 - This edition of the Bellator Fighting Championships saw the two finalists for the Season Seven Lightweight Tournament get decided, plus a bunch of other neat stuff happened.

Calendrelli vs Brown

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Andrew Calendrelli finished off Eric Brown in the second round with an armbar.

Cramer vs Lamoureux

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Dan Cramer knocked out Joe Lamoureux with some punches just before the 3:30 mark in round one.

Mucitelli vs Uhde

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Mike Mucitelli made Matt Uhde tap in 26 seconds with an armbar.  That is like SFL-level fast!

Ward vs McCoy

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Brennan Ward finished off Sam McCoy with punches in under 3 minutes.

Filkins vs Billstein

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Perry Filkins went nuts at one point during the fight, so that was cool.  He also won a decision over Jonas Billstein.

Sandro vs Neace

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Marlon Sandro beat up Dustin Neace and finished him off with a submission.

Jansen vs Tirloni

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Dave Jansen keeps bees in his spare time, but his job is "fight man" and he proved to be the better one, taking a decision over Ricardo Tirloni.

Held vs Clementi

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Marcin Held tapped Rich Clementi (Who subsequently announced his retirement) with a toe hold because Held likes to hold toes.  And destroy legs.

UFC 154 - What?  The UFC Welterweight title was defended?  Georges St. Pierre actually fought?  WOW!

Menjivar vs Gashimov

Ivan Menjivar submitted Azamat Gashimov with an armbar in the first round because Menjivar is way cool.

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Further proof of Menjivar's coolness, his victory celebration.

Riddle vs Maguire

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Matt Riddle might have been high for this fight, as he threw a crazy-ass kick en route to a decision victory over John Maguire.

Garza vs Hominick

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Pablo Garza is gangly and throws weird jump-spinning stuff. He also says he wants to drop from Featherweight to Bantamweight, which is basically insane and probably impossible.

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Oh, and he beat Mark Hominick bloody and won a decision.

Hendricks vs Kampmann

Johny Hendricks punching power might actually overshadow his beard at this point. Dang!  Also, sorry for your loss, Martin Kamping Mann.

St. Pierre vs Condit

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Rad fight, totally awesome times.  I thought Condit would lose all his brain bloods and the fight would get stopped in round one, but he battled back to kick GSP in the head once and was close to finishing the fight.

Also, Georges looked rough after the fight.

Grab Bag - Once again, here's a random assortment of fights!

A Jeet Kune Don't!

I don't think this guy's problem is that his style is Jeet Kune Do.  I think it's more that he's just awful at fights.  So let's watch Gregy Styles Germanly suplex some guy in a t-shirt around!

MMA Karma is Swift

Adam Fyfe is a jerk because he fakes a glove touch with Alex Thorne and punches him.  Thorne drops and it looks like the end is pretty close.  Thorne manages to recover, gets back to his feet, and knocks out Fyfe, all in the span of 24 seconds.

Urgh, His Head

I honestly don't have any information on this.  But do you really need context or back story or whatever to watch a guy get planted directly on his head in a fight?

Rothenhausler vs Evans-Smith

This fight is from back in July, but I'm just hearing about it, so why not put it up almost four months later?  Ashlee Evans-Smith gets one-punch knocked out by Veronica Rothenhausler in an amateur bout.  Dang!

Koppu Kicks!

I have no info on either of these fights, but they feature knockout by Koppu kick, which is pretty much the most Z-league strike.


Monson vs Emelianenko

Jeff "the Snowman" Monson is a giant anarchist that enjoys hugs.  Aleksander Emelianenko is the younger, more disheveled brother of Fedor Emelianenko (A one-time top-ranked Heavyweight).  Both men are riddled with tattoos and both probably got more tattoos after this fight was over.  Monson at least got them in victory after he submitted Emelianenko with a north-south choke, which is basically the Jeff Monson Special.

News -Not much to report on this week.

Clementi Retires

Rich "No Love" Clementi has decided to retire from MMA after his most recent loss to Marcin Held further exacerbated damage to his foot joints.  Apparently surgery to repair things would require around a 14 month layoff, and Clementi decided to hang up his gloves instead.

So, here's Rich Clementi and Jeff Curran in a tag team MMA match from ZST because Japanese MMA is weird and wonderful.

Next week's dumb MMA stuff column will probably be a little light since Bellator is taking this week off for "road to the championship".  I assume SFL will have their regular show, so I'll cover that and any Z-league stuff that goes on.  I might try and get some other articles up, too (But we all know that won't happen).