Friday, March 22, 2013

Event Primer - World Series of Fighting 2

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Prelims (

Lightweight - Ozzy Dugulubgov vs Chris Wade
  • Dugulubgov's Style -Striking
  • Wade's Style - Grappling
  • Prediction -Dugulubgov by KO
  • Thoughts - Ozzy has the best disparity in first and last names (I know "Ozzy" is probably short for Ozmandrovitchanov or whatever, but shut up)

Welterweight - Igor Gracie vs Richard Patishnock
  • Gracie's Style -BJJ
  • Patishnock's Style -Freestyle
  • Prediction -Gracie by submission

Welterweight - Kris "Savage" McCray vs Danillo "Indio" Villefort
  • McCray's Style -Grappling
  • Villefort's Style -Grappling
  • Prediction -McCray by decision

Featherweight - Rick "The Gladiator" Glenn vs Alexandre "Pulga" Pimentel
  • Glenn's Style -Striking
  • Pimentel's Style -Submissions
  • Prediction -Glenn by TKO
  • Thoughts - Pimental loaf is disgusting

Featherweight - Waylon Lowe vs Cameron "Money Man" Dollar
  • Lowe's Style -Striking
  • Dollar's Style -Grappling
  • Prediction -Lowe by TKO

Main Card (NBC Sports Network)

Lightweight - Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante vs Justin Gaethje "To a Nunnery"
  • Cavalcante's Style - BJJ
  • Gaethje's Style -Striking
  • Prediction -Cavalcante by submission

Welterweight - Josh "The People's Warrior" Burkman" vs Aaron "A-Train" Simpson
  • Burkman's Style - American Whu Hit U
  • Simpson's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Burkman by Hitting U (You being Aaron Simpson. Thanks for reading this blog, Aaron!)
  • Thoughts - After his fight against Gerald Harris, I want to see Burkman survive longer and longer submission attempts. Can he just get stuck in a triangle for three rounds straight?

Middleweight - Dave Branch vs Paulo "Reward Hunter" Filho
  • Branch's Style - BJJ
  • Filho's Style - BJJ, drugs
  • Prediction - Filho by submission (FILHO IS BACK, BABY!)
  • Thoughts - My prediction is going to look hilarious when Filho doesn't even make it to the arena.

Bantamweight - Marlon Moraes vs Tyson Nam
  • Moraes's Style - Freestyle
  • Nam's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Nam by KO
  • Thoughts - Reminder that Nam is putting his imaginary, lineal Bellator bantamweight title on the line in this fight.

Heavyweight - Andrei "Pitbull" Arlovski vs Anthony "Rumble" Johnson
  • Arlovski's Style - Boxing, sambo
  • Johnson's Style - Boxing, wrestling
  • Prediction - Johnson by KO
  • Thoughts - It's been too long since a heavyweight fighter from a former Soviet bloc country has fought a welterweight. This should be extra ridiculous since Johnson is a Blackzilian, but even with that curse (Though not in WSoF!), I think Arlovski's chin is too fragmented at this point to withstand some Rumble-Bombs.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Event Primer: UFC 158 - St. Pierre vs Diaz

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Prelims (Facebook)

Bantamweight - George Roop vs Reuben Duran
  • Roop's Style - Striking
  • Duran's Style - Striking
  • Prediction -  Roop by KO
  • Thoughts - Holy cow, why is Roop dropping to Bantamweight, what is wrong with him?

Bantamweight - TJ Dillashaw vs Issei Tamura
  • Dillashaw's Style - Striking, grappling
  • Tamura's Style - Grappling, ground and pound
    Prediction -Dillashaw by submission
  • TJ is Alpha Male, and that means learning how to Dougie.

Welterweight - Rick "The Horror" Story vs Quinn Mulhern
  • Story's Style - Grappling
  • Mulhern's Style - Submissions
    Prediction -Mulhern by decision

Prelims (FX)

Lightweight - Daron "Detroit Superstar" Cruickshank vs John "The Bull" Makdessi
  • Cruickshank's Style - Striking
  • Alternate Cruickshank Nickname - Darron "Hermione Granger's Cat" Cruickshank
  • Makdessi's Style - Striking
  • Prediction -  Cruickshank by knockout

Welterweight - Dan Miller vs Jordan "Young Gun" Mein
  • Miller's Style - Grappling, Muay Thai
  • Mein's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Mein by TKO
  • Thoughts - I am glad Miller's fighting, because it means Dan Jr. is well enough that his dad can mix some martial arts. Yay!

Featherweight - Antonio "Pato" Carvalho vs Darren "The Damage" Elkins
  • Carvalho's Style - Striking
  • Elkins's Style - Grappling
  • Prediction -Elkins by decision

Middleweight - Patrick "The Predator" Cote vs Bobby "Vicious" Voelker
  • Cote's Style - Boxing
  • Voelker's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Voelker by KO

Main Card (PPV)

Lightweight - Mike "The Martian" Ricci vs Colin "Freakshow" Fletcher

Middleweight - Nick "The Promise" Ring vs Chris Camozzi
  • Ring's Style - Striking, grappling
  • Camozzi's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Ring by decision

Welterweight - Jake "The Juggernaut" Ellenberger vs Nate "The Great" Marquardt
  • Ellenberger's Style - Wrestling, punching
  • Marquardt's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Marquardt by TKO

Welterweight - Carlos "Natural Born Killer" Condit vs Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks
  • Condit's Style - Striking
  • Hendricks's Style - Wrestling, punching
  • Prediction - Hendricks by KO
  • Thoughts - Seriously, is it just me, or does Carlos Condit look like a tougher, more badass Adam Scott?

Welterweight - Georges "Rush" St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz
  • St. Pierre's Style - Karate, wrestling
  • Diaz's Style - Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing
  • Prediction - St. Pierre by cut-stoppage TKO
  • Thoughts - This is going to be the Hilarious Death of Nick Diaz