Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Event Primer - UFC 154

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's less ridiculous than being an "American-Whu-Hit-U" fighter.

UFC 154 is on Saturday, and thankfully it starts at night time in the Western hemisphere (Best hemisphere).  Here are the fights and what I think about them!

Preliminary Card - Facebook

Featherweight - Steven "Super" Siler vs. Darren "The Damage" Elkins
  • Siler's Style - Grappling
  • Other Siler Nickname - Steven "The Miller Killer" Siler
  • Elkins's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Elkins is going to do so many wrestles to Siler and win by decision
  • Thoughts - After checking out Siler's record, I'm convinced something called "Olly Bradstreet" is some kind of nightmare monster for him.

Bantamweight - Ivan "The Pride of El Salvador" Menjivar vs. Azamat "Tough Guy" Gashimov
  • Menjivar's Style - Striking, BJJ
  • Gashimov's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Menjivar is going to submit the heck outta Gashimov
  • Thoughts - I don't know anything about Gashimov, but Menjivar is really cool, so he should win everything.

Welterweight - Matt "Deep Waters" Riddle vs. John "The One" Maguire
  • Riddle's Style - Wrestling, BJJ
  • Maguire's Style - Submissions, Gypsy Jiu-Jitsu
  • Prediction - I think Maguire is going to submit Riddle.
  • Thoughts - I'm slowly starting to like Riddle as a fighter (And he always seemed like a decent enough person, but I'm liking that more, too), but being a "Gypsy Jiu-Jitsu" practicioner is too rad to pass up.  Also, I wonder if Riddle will test positive for weed for this fight!

Featherweight - Antonio "Pato" Carvahlo vs. Rodrigo Damm
  • Carvahlo's Style - Striking, BJJ
  • Damm's Style - Wrestling, BJJ
  • Prediction - Carvahlo wins with a TKO
  • Thoughts - Carvahlo has never lost in Canada, so, scientifically, he will win this fight.  Damm's sister, Carina also fights and has the weird nickname of "Beauty But the Beast".
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Preliminary Card - FX

Lightweight - Sam "Hands of Stone" Stout vs. John "The Bull" Makdessi
  • Stout's Style - Kickboxing
  • Makdessi's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Stout wins an exciting decision of a fight.
  • Thoughts - Makdessi isn't bad, but he's struggled against good competition, and I think Stout's pretty good competition for him.  That being said, his spinning backfist KO a couple fights back was astounding and crazy loud.

Lightweight - Mark Bocek vs. Rafael Dos Anjos
  • Bocek's Style - BJJ
  • Unofficial Boceck Nickname - "Boceck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself"
  • Dos Anjos's Style - BJJ
  • Unofficial Dos Anjos Nickname - Rafael "Two Butts" Dos Anjos
  • Prediction - Dos Anjos by decision
  • Thoughts - Bocek's good, but I think Dos Anjos is a better grappler.  Not enough to submit him, but good enough to win.

Light Heavyweight - Cyrille "The Snake" Diabate vs. Chad "The Grave Digger" Griggs
  • Diabate's Style - Muay Thai
  • Griggs's Style - Punches, Mutton chops, digging graves
  • Prediction - Griggs is going to punch Diabate's face into Ouch-Town for a KO.
  • Thoughts - Please note that this prediction is entirely dependent upon Griggs having thick and lush chops.  If they are sparse or shorn, he will lose, and lose badly.

Middleweight - Patrick "The Predator" Cote vs. Alessio "Legionarius" Sakara
  • Cote's Style - Striking
  • Sakara's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Cote by KO
  • Thoughts - Sakara is too chinny to survive against Cote, and I doubt he gets another eyeball punch like he did to James Irvin.

Main Card - PPV

Featherweight - Mark "The Machine" Hominick vs. Pablo "The Scarecrow" Garza
  • Hominick's Style - Kickboxing
  • Garza's Style - Muay Thai, BJJ
  • Prediction - Garza by submission.
  • Thoughts - Last time Hominick was in Canada, he got blitzed by Chan Sung "The Korean Zombie" Jung, and before that, Jose Aldo depositied an egg inside his forehead.  Garza has done two really cool things in the UFC, a flying triangle, and in the first ever Featherweight UFC fight, knocked out Fredson Paixao with a flying knee that left him down for like two minutes straight.

Middleweight - Nick "The Promise" Ring vs. Constantinos "Costa" Philippou
  • Ring's Style - Kickboxing, BJJ
  • Philippou's Style - Boxing
  • Prediction - Ring wins a decision.
  • Thoughts - I think Ring takes it in large part because the fight is in Canada.  No word on if he's stopped any muggers leading up to this fight.

Middleweight - Francis "Limitless" Carmont vs. "Filthy" Tom Lawlor

Welterweight - Martin "The Hitman" Kampmann vs. Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks
  • Kampmann's Style - Grappling, kickboxing
  • Hendricks's Style - Wrestling, punching, BEARD
  • Prediction -This is the second-closest fight to pick, in my opinion (Main is tops), and I think the Kamping Mann wins with a submission.
  • Thoughts - This fight is gonna be fun, I hope!  Really don't know about this prediction, on one hand, I should never doubt the Kamping Mann.  On the other, I fear the BEARD.

Main Event - PPV

Welterweight Title -  Georges "Rush" St. Pierre (Champion) vs Carlos "The Natural Born Killer" Condit (Interim Champion)
  • St. Pierre's Style - Wrestling, everything
  • St. Pierre's More Common Nickname - GSP
  • Condit's Style -Striking, BJJ
  • Prediction -Condit by KO
  • Thoughts -Condit never loses title matches.  He will find a way to do punches to Georges and win.  Then again, this is Georges St. Pierre, he can make good fighters look ridiculous at times.  Also, maybe it's just me, but Condit reminds me of a more ass kicking Adam Scott.  Anyone else?