Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cage Justice - Joe Son

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MMA has its fair share of dirtballs, scumbags, dirtbags, scumballs, shitheads, assholes, and just plain fucking jerks.  Sometimes there is criminal evidence of the wrongdoing, while sometimes it's just awful stuff done in a fight.  Cage Justice is about pointing out the instances of horrible behavior, and either detailing the legal repercussions meted out, or the ass kickings received in fights, sometimes both!

Who we talking about here?

Joe Son is currently the king of reprehensible fuck heads in the world of MMA.  If he looks slightly familiar, that might be because he played Random Task in the first Austin Powers movie, throwing a shoe at Powers.

Okay, so what did he do?

He was charged with multiple sexual offenses for raping a woman repeatedly at gunpoint (And also with the gun), but it was determined the statute of limitations was up on those charges, so instead, he was convicted of torture.

While in prison, his cellmate was murdered, and he's the prime suspect.

Holy shit, what are his punishments?

Legally, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  However, this is Cage Justice, so let's focus on the visceral aspect of retribution.

Now, since he's been in prison for so long, he was never beaten to a pulp when anyone knew what he did.  However, Keith Hackney (Greatest American hero?) provided some amount of retribution if you don't think about time in a linear fashion (AKA you are Steven Seagal).  In an early UFC (Back when the only rule is THERE ARE NO RULES, JUST BLEEEED!), Hackney took Son to the mat and proceeded to wail on Son's balls with the fury of everyone that just read those Joe Son articles.  It is nowhere near enough, but it's the best we'll get.  Just keep watching that video any time you get angry.