Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s dirtier than Matt Lindland.

Fights - A whole lot of action when down this weekend, so let's get right into the punches!

SFL 12 - Super Fight League brought the awesome with a bunch of sloppy fighting that amused me to no end.

Babu vs Singh

Sharath Babu finished off Varinder Singh in just under four minutes by way of technical knock out due to punches.

For way more fights, check out the rest of This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff after the jump!

Muneer vs Pal

Abdul Muneer submitted Amit Pal with a rear naked choke before the three minute mark.

Sharma vs Singh

Uchit Sharma beat Yashvir Singh with a guillotine choke late in the first round.

Khan vs Tokas

Arif Khan rear nakedly choked out Mohit Tokas in under two minutes.

Balhara vs Singh

Ravindra Balhara and Pawan Maan Singh fought into the third round when Singh cut Balhara above the eyebrow.  The referee and ringside doctor determined the cut was too bad for Balhara to continue (And they were right, it was totally nasty jazz), but according to India's rules, stoppages due to cuts past the second round result in a judge's decision, and Balhara won unanimously.

Berezikova vs Benitez

Julia Berezikova made Karla Benitez tap to an arm bar in round two.

Maheo vs Ashour

In the main event, Kario Isaac Maheo defeated Mahmoud Ashour with a rear naked choke in round three.

Bellator 83 - Bellator was supposed to crown another tournament champion, but Shabhulat Shamhalaev got food poisoning, so his fight with Rad Martinez was pushed to next week.  There was still some fun stuff, though!

Eye vs Frausto-Gurgel

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Jessica Eye and Zoila Frausto-Gurgel don't like each other at all.

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

After this fight, I'm pretty sure Zoila's hate for Jessica is at an all-time high because Jessica choked out Zoila with a standing arm triangle.

Leone vs Makovsky

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Anthony Leone took former Bellator Bantamweight champ Zach "Fun Size" Makovsky the distance and won a decision.

Horcher vs Lugori

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Darrel Horcher hits people very hard, as evidenced in his last entry on This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff.  Chris Lugori managed to recover numerous times, though, and lasted all fifteen minutes, losing unanimously.

XFC 21 - The only reason I knew about this event was because Nick Newell was fighting.

Card vs Richardson

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Jarrod Card technically submitted Keith Richardson with a guillotine choke very early in round two.

Rainey vs Wallace

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Ricky Rainey beat up Donald Wallace and got a TKO victory in under two minutes.

Finch vs West

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Marcus Finch knocked out Dustin West with a headbutt, which I'm sure will get reviewed at some point.

Thomas vs Hill

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Ryan Thomas submitted Corey Hill with an armbar, and luckily, none of Hill's limbs snapped horribly this time!

Newell vs  Reynolds

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Nick Newell submitted Eric Reynolds with a rear naked choke to win the XFC Lightweight title.  Congratulations, Nick!

UFC on Fox 5 - This might have been the best card of the year.  Like, wow, it was good.

Trujillo vs LeVesseur

Jeez oh peas, Abel Trujillo beat the heck out of Marcus LeVesseur on the way to a TKO victory.

Cruickshank vs Martinez

This fight was a beating administered by Daron Cruickshank to Henry Martinez.  It started with a bunch of kicks to the body.

It ended with Cruickshank knocking Martinez out with a walk-off headkick KO.

Edwards vs Stephens

Continuing the night of cool, short fights, Yves Edwards dropped Jeremy Stephens with a counter punch and finished him off with a vicious elbow.  Thugjitsu is unstoppable.

Brown vs Swick

Matt Brown knocked out Mike Swick with a nice flurry of punches.

MacDonald vs Penn

Rory MacDonald dominated BJ Penn to a decision victory.

It was so easy for Rory that he broke out a mega-nerdy Ali Shuffle.

Henderson vs Diaz

Benson Henderson was very dominant in his fight against Nate Diaz, thanks in part to leg kicks (No TKO, sadly, as it went to the judges).

Benson also muscled Diaz around the Octagon, slamming him.

Being that he's a Diaz, Nate dropped his hands, and Benson made him pay for it.

But despite the one-sided beating, Nate never gave up, as shown here during a leglock scramble.

Grab Bag - Random fights ahead!

Palelei vs McCorkle

Soa "the Hulk" Palelei beat up Sean McCorkle and got a TKO victory.  Back to being unfunny online, McCorkle!

Scoggins vs Hebeisen

Justin Scoggins knocked out Jason Hebeisen with a superkick in their fight.  That's neato torpedo!

Rogers vs Bennett

Ronnie "Bam Bam" Rogers took on Charles "Krazy Horse"/"Kid Khaos" Bennett, and nearly got slammed to bits, but still managed to survive and submit Bennett with a triangle choke.

News - Eh, nothing noteworthy happened (In my dumb opinion, at least), including the Benson Henderson Toothpick Controversy in that.

Dana White's Vlog

I try to watch Dana White's fight week video blog's, but it's not often that there's worthwhile to focus on.  Now that Chael Sonnen is coaching the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, that's going to change!  You may not like him as a fighter, or a person, but he can tell a pretty interesting story!

"Yusin Okami, thank you!  Yushin Okami, thank you!"

Tank Abbott Book Club!

I did continue my review/recap of Tank Abbott's dumb novel!  Last time, I linked to part 2, so here are parts 3, 4, and 5 for your reading pleasure!  Warning - Tank's protagonist, Walter Foxx, is pretty racist!

Welp, that's about it.  Both the Carwin/Nelson and Pearson/Sotiropoulos seasons of The Ultimate Fighter will be having finales this weekend, so I might try to smash together some kind of mega-primer.