Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's less intense than Gegard Mousasi.

Fights - A whole lot of fights went down, so let's not waste any time and get right into the action.

SFL 13 - Super Fight League crowned a bunch of champions on Friday as it was their last show of the year.

Khan vs Eidehlouei

Jamshed Khan defeated Rouhollah Eidehlouei due to retirement at the end of round two.

Check out a ton more fights, plus pure craziness after the jump!

Kolekar vs Monika

Manjit Kolekar finished off Monika Monika with a rear naked choke in round one.

de Reuck vs Badawy

Warren de Reuck made Mohamed Hassan Badawy tap out with a triangle choke late in the first round.

Meena vs Yadav

Rajinder Singh Meena finished Sandeep Yadav with a guillotine choke in round four.

Khandare vs Grewal

Bharat Khandare beat Narender Grewal with a guillotine choke in round one.

Kumar vs Chuhan

Anup Kumar choked out Manoj Chuhan with a rear naked choke just after the two minute mark of round two.

Prasad vs Choudhury

Shyam Prasad defeated my favorite SFL fighter, Bhabajeet Choudhury with a rear naked choke in round two.  Dang it!

Legacy Fighting Championships 16 - LFC was in Dallas this weekend, and there were a lot of fun finishes.

Caldwell vs Kempf

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Darrion Caldwell beat Quaint Kempf with punches in the opening minute.  I still can't decide if "Quaint Kempf" is the best name or dumbest name.

Mai vs Russ

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Klayton Mai made Alex Russ tap to a guillotine choke deep into round one.

Krantz vs Byrd

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Derrick Krantz rear nakedly choked out Charles Byrd in round one.

Benoit vs Sandoval

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Ryan Benoit technically knocked out Joseph Sandoval just past the one minute mark in round one.

Skelly vs Trujillo

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Chas Skelly (This is another candidate for best/dumbest name) punched out Reynaldo Trujillo in round three to get a TKO win.

Hobar vs Peterson

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Matt Hobar took a majority decision over Steven Peterson in a back and forth fight.

Campuzano vs Flick

Will Campuzano finished Jimmy Flick with knees and punches very early in round one.

Bellator 84 - Bellator wrapped up most of the Season Seven Tournaments, and crowned a new Heavyweight champion.

Gomez vs Talamantes

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Anthony Gomez choked out Anton Talamantes in round one.

Uflacker vs Wright

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Christian Uflacker got kicked in the face on the way to putting a knee on the ground in the third round.  The referee stopped the fight, and since Uflacker couldn't continue, the fight went to the judges, and Uflacker won the decision.  I personally feel that since Uflacker wasn't actually a downed opponent, it should have been a KO victory for Cliff Wright, but I'm just some random bloggist.

Taylor vs Vedepo

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No Vedepo Chokes tonight, as Louis Taylor punched the heck out of Joe Vedepo and get a knockout victory.

Herrig vs Vidonic

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Felice Herrig was pretty dominant during her fight with Patricia Vidonic, and won a unanimous decision.

TUF: The Smashes Finale - The big guys got started on Friday night, as the UK vs Australia installment of The Ultimate Fighter finished up.

Lombard vs Palhares

Hector Lombard punched the heck out of Rousimar Palhares and got a KO victory.


Also, in wonderful iron, Palhares ended up breaking his foot during the fight.  So now we know that there's some kind of leg-hating demon that lives within Rousimar, and someone's foot or leg has to end up injured when he fights.

Pearson vs Sotiropoulos

Ross Pearson punched George Sotiropoulos a bunch, and won with a third round KO.

TUF 16: Carwin vs Nelson Finale - The main version of TUF ended on Saturday with probably one of the best fight cards of the year (FREE MMA IS BEST MMA).

Viana vs Duran

 Hugo Viana used his Wolverine powers to punch Reuben Duran really dang hard in the face and got a knockout towards the end of the first round.

Khabilov vs Pichel

Holy bananas, this Rustam "Tiger" Khabilov!  I thought that Sambo guys were the ones that took ridiculous German suplexes in MMA, not the ones delivering them!

Here's another look at the suplex of doom.  JEEZ OH PEAS!

Of course, it turns out that Khabilov has a bit of a history of dropping guys on their heads to their personal doom.

Bedford vs Vinicius

 Johnny Bedford beat the heck out of Marcos Vinicius and stopped him in the second round with a flurry of blows.

Pyle vs Head

Mike Pyle is 37 years old, sports a fabulous mullet, and told Joe Rogan that when he got rocked earlier in the round, he started thinking about SpongeBob Squarepants.  Oh, also, he smashed his knee into James Head's face and then punched him a bunch afterwards.

Poirier vs Brookins

This was a way fun fight!  Both guys hurt each other standing a couple of times, Brookins dropped for a takedown, and Poirier latched onto his favorite submission, the D'Arce (Or Brabo) choke.

Barry vs Del Rosario

Yay Pat Barry!  This was another fun scrap, and I've got to say, as a Pat Barry fan, I was pretty nervous at times in the first round when Del Rosario was hunting for submissions.  Pat defended, and the fight went to the second round. 

Then Pat finished things off with a nice assortment of punches.

And after that, he gave the best post-fight interview/speech.

Nelson vs Mitrione

Once again, fun stuff in this fight.  Nelson used his natural dwarven power to get Mitrione wobbly, then finished him off with some more vicious shots.

Grab Bag - A collection of random fights for everyone's entertainment!

Flying Reverse Triangle!

Here we have Wolfgang Janssen pulling off probably the only ever flying reverse triangle against Aaron Armstrong at Havoc FC.  Dang!

News -

12 Days of ChristMMAs

Gamma labs.  Gamma labs!  Gamma Labs!  GAMMA LABS!

Garrett Wants to Fight

Garrett Holeve is a 23-year-old that trains at American Top Team in Florida.  He's had a two exhibition fights, but there has been a lot of difficulty in getting him opponents.  The roadblock stems from the fact that Garrett has Downs syndrome and a lot of other fighters are apprehensive about getting in a cage and hurting him severely.

Anderson Silva's Duracell Commercial

Here's 3 minutes of Anderson Silva playing with action figures for Duracell, because he can do whatever the hell he wants.  Best part is all of the figures being Anderson with different hair.

Roy Nelson's Epic Deli Sandwich

The crazy guys at Epic Deli came up with a new MMA-inspired creation, the Roy Nelson.

It seems horrifying, but that Matt Riddle look-alike seems to enjoy it!

Hip Show

The Hip Show is a giant cauldron of Russian insanity that basically combines the set from American Gladiators and tag team MMA, it just lacks tennis ball cannons (I think that is only for title fights).

The best part is after one guy from a team gets eliminated, his lone partner flees for his life as it becomes a handicap match.  Never change, Russia.

Tank Abbott Book Club

My continued recap of Tank Abbott's debut novel is still at With Leather.  Check out parts six and seven!