Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s emptier than Jason Guida’s gas tank.

Fights - A whole lot of fights from a lot of events to cover, let's jump right in with the biggest one of the This Week!

UFC 153 went down on Saturday, and it was one of the best events I've seen in quite some time.

Rony Bezerra vs. Sam Sicilia

"Honey Jason" took on Sam Sicilia on the prelims, and there was lots of fun punches.  Rony hit Sam with some good shots and finished things off with some ground and pound.

Check out more fights and some VERY INTERESTING NEWS after the jump!

Demian Maia vs. Rick Story

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I anticipated that Story and Maia, both good grapplers, would have a sloppy kickboxing match, because that’s often what happens when to hug-men fight.  What actually happened was Demian Maia did some vicious face-hugs to Rick Story and made head-blood shoot out his nose.  Then Maia finished things off with a neck crank.

Phil Davis vs. Wagner Prado 

The first Davis/Prado fight got stopped almost immediately due to an accidental eye poke by Davis to Prado.  The “rematch” saw Davis do a wrestling at will unto Prado, until he finished things off with an anaconda choke.

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At least Prado managed to retrieve his hat from the marauding gang of hat thieves that plague MMA events during his walkout.

Glover Teixeira vs. Fabio Maldonado

Glover Teixeira did probably the most and best punching to a person’s face during his battery of Fabio Maldonado.  Trees take less damage getting turned into pulp for paper before the fight was stopped at the end of the second round.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Dave Herman

Dave Herman claimed that Brazilian jiu-jitsu would not work on him.  What a doofus!  Nogueira got Herman to the mat and finished him off with a very Brazilian jiu-jitsu-y armbar.

I'm sorry, let's see that again.  Ha!

Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar - Get ready for a GIF overload, there was a lot to highlight in this fight.

Stephan, you poor, slow white guy, all my sads go to you and your attempted punchings.

Not only did Silva dodge pretty much everything Bonnar threw, he kept resetting at the same spot on the cage like a kid trying to unlock a special move in a video game. “No, it says I have to stand between these two corners and when I dodge ten punches in a row, my gloves should flash white and I turn into a dragon.  Dang, I messed up!  Let me try that again.”

Even if Bonnar managed to hit him, Silva pretty much ignored the punches and continued to make Stephan look pathetic.

Then Silva was getting bored, so he decided to kill Bonnar with a knee to the heart.

It was pretty brutal.

Super Fight League 4 - SFL is an Indian-based promotion (I believe the only Indian-based promotion) that, for the previous 3 events, brought in a lot of foreign fighters.  I don't know if there's a money issue, but SFL 4 was pretty much all Indian fighters, but it was still pretty good.  Obligatory SFL theme song BOOM, POW, PUNCH, KICK, WOW!  Super Fight League is now going to be running weekly shows, every Friday, and they can be watched for free (FREE MMA IS BEST MMA) on their YouTube channel, right here.

Bhabajeet Choudhary vs. Charanjeet Singh

Here's a secret - I don't know any of these Indian fighters.  After watching Bhabajeet Choudhary destroy Charanjeet Singh, I want to see more Bhabajeet Choudhary kicking people.

Pawan Maan Singh vs. Srikant Sekhar

Pawan Maan Singh looks to be at least one weight class bigger than Srikant Sekhar, and he basically muscles Sekhar around for the first round.  The second round starts, Sekhar looks exhausted, and Singh ends things with a big right hand.

Manoj Chuhan vs. Biswan Dev

Pretty quick fight here, just a big slam and ground and pound from Chuhan to take care of Dev.

Sanja Sucevic vs. Irene Caballo

We've got a women's match here, and dang, it's really good!  Sanja looks to be a little better than Irene across the board, and proves it with a second round TKO.  Fun, fun fight.

Kultar Singh Gill vs. Amir Wahman

Kultar is pretty much the only Indian fighter I've heard of (He's mostly lost to well-known fighters), and at SFL 3 he kind of went crazy after his win.  In this fight, he flat-out dominates Amir Wahman, finishing him with ground and pound in the first round.  Impressive performance from Kultar.

Bellator 76 was on Friday, and there were some good fights on both the main and preliminary cards.

Magomedrasul Khasbulaev vs. Nayeb Hezam

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This was a quick fight, Khasbulaev hits Hezam with an overhand right and finishes him off with ground and pound.

Jason Fischer vs. Kyle Prepolec

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Fischer ends things in the third round with a mounted arm triangle choke.  I'm a sucker for arm triangles, so now I'll have to keep an eye out for Fischer's upcoming fights.

Wagnney Fabiano vs. Akop Stepanyan

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Fabiano is crazy good on the ground, and showed it by submitting Stepanyan in the first round.  It wasn't in instantaneous tap, though, as Akop survived for a while until Wagnney adjusted his grip and angle to get the submission.

Mike Richman vs. Jeremy Spoon

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This was a short fight, just a head kick and some punches to stop Spoon and give Richman the victory.

Eddie Alvarez vs. Patricky Freire

Alvarez and Freire had as much of a war a fight that only lasts 4:54 can be a war.  It was fun stuff, with Alvarez hurting Freire, then Freire coming back to hurt Alvarez.  Then Eddie hits a head kick, finishes Patricky with some punches, and then flees the cage to hang out with the crowd.  This was Eddie’s last fight on his current Bellator contract, so there’s a good chance he’ll be a Zuffa fighter soon (I would assume UFC, but I know some people are still hoping for an Eddie Alvarez/Gilbert Melendez fight)

There's also a highlight video of the main card, which is cool of Bellator to put up.

Grab Bag - Random fights that aren't home to any particular promotion.

Joe Riggs vs. Josh Cavan

Joe "Diesel" Riggs used to weigh over 300 pounds.  He now fights at 170.  He has over 50 fights, but is barely 30 years old.  He was a late replacement against then-UFC Welterweight champion Matt Hughes, but couldn't make weight, so it was a non-title bout, but he got tapped out in the first round.  He recently fought someone named Josh Cavan for not a Welterweight title, or a belt, but for a BATTLE AXE.  That is WAY cooler, and Joe managed to win the fight and the axe in the first round.

Dillon Cleckler vs. Matt Lawrence

I don't think I should even say anything.  Just watch the artistry of Mixed Martial Arts unfold.

News - Oh man, have I got news!

UFC 153 Aftermath, a/k/a Team Black House is cool.

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After Nogueira tapped out Herman, the cameras cut to Anderson Silva getting the news and getting a little emotional due to his trainer's victory.

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Then, when Silva was making his walk to the Octagon (Walktagon), Big Nog met up with him and gave a nice bro hug.  D'aww.

Oh, remember when I said Fabio Maldonado's face got wrecked by Glover Teixeira?  Here's some pictures of Fabio afterwards so you can judge for yourself.  Speaking of Glover, he thinks the fight was stopped too prematurely, and that Fabio should have been allowed to continue, because he is a horrible monster that feasts upon corpses, I guess.

Don't worry, Fabio, Dr. Silva will make things okay!

Anderson is a Jedi

Anderson explains his actions inside the cage, basically letting his corner and the world know that he’s got this, no need to get stressed, just “helax”.

 Lyoto's Commercial

I don't speak Portuguese so I don't know what's really going on in this Head and Shoulders commercial, other than Lyoto Machida throws water on a guy and then punches his dandruff off, which is pretty gross.  Then again, Lyoto drinks his own urine, so I guess gross is a relative term.

Cung Le's Character Trailer

Cung Le is a former Strikeforce Middleweight champion that left MMA briefly so he could get tiny parts in awful movies.  Now he's a character in the new movie, The Man With the Iron Fists, playing Bronze Lion and wearing a ridiculous wig.  Of course, I remember what happened the first time Cung Le fought a man with Hands of Steel, so I expect him to fall down when facing whoever the Iron Fisted gentleman is.


The Ultimate Fighter Season 17 Coaches - Jon "Bones" Jones and Chael Sonnen!  Oh man, yes!  This is going to be hilarious!  We get to see if Chael can keep up the pace of his pro wrestling schtick against Jones, or if he reverts to "actual human being not trying to hype or sell a fight" mode, we get to see if Jones cracks under weeks and weeks of constant barbs from Chael, and then, after the season is over, we get to see Jon Jones do hilariously violent things to a plodding Middleweight!  Hooray!

This was a super-mega This Week, but there aren't any UFC or Strikeforce events until November 10th, so I'll be scraping the barrel with B-League (Bellator) and below stuff for a while.  I might even try to do a non-This Week or Event Primer write up in the near future.  Been a while since I've talked about a Rad Fight, or a Fantastic Finish, or a Blood Bath (And I've never written up a single Leg Kick TKO, I am a most lamentable dustman)