Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s less legitimate than a Bob Sapp fight.

Fights – Once again, there were a fair number of events this past week, and at least two cool moments out of all the fights.

UFC on Fox 4 was a very entertaining card (Free MMA best MMA!).  Here’s what was the most impressive.

Moraga vs. Gomez

Flyweight fights are always fun, even if they don’t wear their traditional gnome outfits.  Moraga finishes off Gomez with strikes against the cage, proving that Flyweights pack some power.

Check out a lot more fights and even a piece of news or two after the jump!

Swick vs. Johnson

Mike Swick is back, baby?  This was another fun fight, with both men landing heavy punches.  Swick pulled off a Lyoto Machida finishing move, getting a takedown and following it immediately with a straight punch, ending Johnson’s night.  Then Swick ruined the rest of Johnson’s weekend with a follow up punch.  Hey, the guy hasn’t fought in two years, he probably just didn’t remember what an unconscious man looked like.  Or maybe he was upset that DaMarques’s fade wasn’t better.

Lauzon vs. Varner

This was a really great fight!  Somehow Varner gassed more than Lauzon, and Lauzon actually finished the fight in the third round.  Lauzon’s sweep that led to the fight ending triangle was very cool.  Hooray for Joe Lauzon!  If you want a more in depth breakdown of this sequence of events, check out the Gracie Breakdown.

Machida vs. Bader

I guess Ryan Bader was tired of the fight and wanted to end it by going out in a blaze of stupid instead of getting subjected to three rounds of Machida’s jazz hands.  Charging face-first at the best counter striker in the division is a hilariously awful idea, like, David "Hello, Japan" Gardner awful.  Check out another angle.

 XFC 19

Buck vs. Rainey

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Johnny "Buck Nasty" Buck teaches Ricky Rainey an important lesson - Keep your hands up, dingus!  Seriously, only like three guys in all of MMA are skilled and quick enough to keep their hands at their waist and not get murdered.  Chances are you aren't one of them, so don't drop your hands.

Newell vs. Mays

Nick Newell is undefeated at 8-0, improving to that mark after a knockout by way of knee at two minutes of round one.  Oh, yeah, he's also only got 1.5 arms, with his left ending just past the elbow.  His next fight should be for the XFC Lightweight title, so good luck, Nick!

News - This time there are some actual articles I'm talking about, yay!

Chael Sonnen's strength and conditioning coach has also trained him in felonies.  David Shelofsky used to be a fraud investigator for the US Bank in Portland, recovering money.  Turns out he was honing his own fraud skills after it was discovered he had embezzled $1.5 million and got sentenced in 2008.  He was released in 2010 on probation, giving him time to get Sonnen up to speed on fraud, with Chael getting convicted in 2011 for money laundering.

Chad "$" Mendes will drunkenly sucker punch you and skedaddle.  Former Featherweight title contender Chad "Money" Mendes was allegedly involved in a 40-person altercation at a bar where he supposedly berated police officers that were on the scene to break up a fight, and then ran back into the bar, decked a guy, and kept running, giving the cops the slip.  Thanks to his strenuous training at the hands of Master Thonglor over at Team Alpha Male (Always relevant in any TAM discussion), Mendes could be considered a deadly weapon.  Maybe the guy he socked was a big fan of shirts?


For some reason, MMA fighters are really calm about horrible injuries and most are really excited to share gruesome images of fresh wounds and surgeries.

Cung Le's Foot.  I'm starting slow with video of Cung Le getting some blood letting done on his broken foot.  The procedure isn't the issue (Other than being dumb and pointless), it's how jacked up his toe is.  Pretty sure that needs to get set before you consider doing anything to speed recovery.

Shonie Carter's Knee is Full of Barf.  This is a huge jump in gross, take caution when clicking that link.  Shonie Carter wanted to film his knee surgery to remove a subcutaneous neural polyp, but was forced to compromise with just photographs.


Benson Henderson, Comic Book Collector

In addition to being the current Lightweight champion, Benson Henderson is also a big fan of comic books.  I’m not, so I can’t say how accurate he is with his comparisons between heroes and UFC champions.  I am pretty sure that he compared himself to a Rob Liefeld character, though, which fills me with sadness.  Anyway, Benson is a cool dude, check out him being all cool.

What's coming up next?  UFC 150!  Benson Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar II because Frankie always needs to rematch everybody!  Watch their awesome first fight right here! 

I'm working on a UFC 150 primer plus a few more things that should be fun.