Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's less hard hitting than Jake Shields!

Every week I plan on compiling some of the more interesting pieces of MMA ephemera and dump it all in one spot.

Fights - There are always fights going on, and there's usually at least one interesting thing that happens on a given night.

Awesome Ladies' Night
Invicta FC 2 was on Saturday, and despite issues with the live stream, it was an amazing night of lady punchmen.  I’m just going to say to watch the entire card because the whole thing was pretty amazing.  Normally I’d give a brief mention to some of the more standout performances on a card, but they all deserve attention, so, again, watch the entire thing.

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Russian 2-on-2

Russian MMA operates in a strange realm where you're not sure if anything is legal or sanctioned.  Then you remember that the standard Russian bet involves the loser chopping off a finger, and you're relieved that at least there aren't any bears involved this time.  In this video, the fight is taking place at a venue where the canvas is actually sand, the ring ropes are just regular ropes, and hole on a minnet playa, this next bout is going to be a tag team match!  It's elimination rules, but since Team Loser gets smoked in 30 seconds combined, I doubt tagging out would have helped.  I'm more interested to know if the winner's partner got an equal share to just stand there.

Protect Yourself At All Times

This fight showcases an important lesson in MMA:  Keep your hands up!  Throughout the entire first round, Jose Ceja keeps dropping his hands, maybe due to cockiness, but I think the fact that his opponent, Cameron Graves, leaps for a flying triangle at one point show it might be to defend against grappling.  It doesn't really matter the reason, because once round two rolls around, Ceja's got his hands nice and low, giving Graves the perfect opportunity to end the fight with a huge head kick.  Congrats, Cameron!

News - All sorts of things get called news in the awful realm of MMA journalism.  I ignored most of it and instead focused on some ads!

Anderson's Barbecue

Rough translation (Thanks commentators at!):
Anderson:  After my last fight, I decided to invite my opponent to eat at Burger King (Laughter)
Anderson:  After my last fight, I decided to invite my opponent to a barbecue, and I think he’s a little sad, I’ve decided to reinforce my invitation.  Here are two sirloin cards, it is barbecue with real sirloin.  You’re invited to go to any Burger King in Brazil and taste this delight.  Finally you can say you won something over me.
(Bring burger to face)
Anderson:  The taste of victory!  Uh!

So, it's basically some high-level trolling from Silva to Chael Sonnen.  I admit, I was pulling for Chael during both fights, but I'm not going to act like Anderson isn't an amazing fighter, or that this is nowhere near the level of shit talking Chael did to promote their fights.

Drinking Sprite Causes Phil Davis-Inflicted Paralysis

I like Phil Davis.  He has a cool triangle body, is unafraid to wear pink shorts in the cage, takes his nickname from his stolen cat and invents his own submissions in the middle of fights.  Now he's in a Sprite ad despite being on the undercard of the latest UFC on Fox event (I'll try to write up a brief primer on that by Friday).  Glad to see Mr. Wonderful getting paid, though.

Thanks a Lot, Showtime

Really, Showtime?  This is what you decide for the promo video for the Rousey vs. Kaufman fight, tits in jumpsuits because "women"?  You couldn't do something fun and goofy again, like the Rockhold vs. Kennedy video?  Couldn't try to treat them as athletes or fighters first, like Invicta does?  Fine, whatever, I just better see some dude-bulge for either the Melendez vs. Healy or Cormier vs. Mir promos.

Well, that's about all I feel like breaking down for this week.  There might have been a few items I skipped, but most of it is of no consequence.  Just fighters calling each other out over Twitter, people getting hurt and pulling out of fights, gross injury pictures, nothing that ground breaking.