Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rad Fights of Yesteryear - Sudo vs. Oxley

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s less engaging than Kalib Starnes.

Rad Fights of Yesteryear is a feature where I talk about cool fights that are at least five years old.  Five years might not sound like much, but back then Tim Sylvia was the UFC Heavyweight champion.  A lot can change in the MMA world in five years.

Genki Sudo vs. Craig Oxley

Genki Sudo is the coolest dude around.  I’ll probably end up writing a full appreciation post for him where I go over more of his accomplishments, so just know that he is a Greco-Roman wrestler with a very high level Brazilian jiu-jitsu game.  Cool Grappler Man is a very fitting appellation for Genki Sudo, to go along with his more official nicknames of “Transforming Trickster” and “Neo Samurai”.

I don’t know who the hell Craig Oxley is, and it doesn’t really matter, this fight is all about Genki Sudo being a Cool Grappler Man.  I will point out that Oxley was making his professional debut and finished his career at 0-3 (Dang, I just spoiled the result of the fight!)

The fight is in Pancrase (Yes, they are Hybrid Wrestlers), but it’s not early Shamrock Brothers, Bas Rutten, Funaki Pancrase with no gloves and only palm strikes to an opponent’s head.  They’ve got gloves, but it’s still Pancrase, so they’ve also got shin guards, and Oxley is wearing shoes.  Though, this is from 2000, so shoes aren’t a big deal for a MMA fight.

Anyway, the fight starts, and Genki begins his normal routine of doing goofy shit.  He stands sideways to Oxley, eats a leg kick, then shoots in for a double leg.  Genki lands the takedown in side control, then transitions to north-south, then grabs for an armbar.  Oxley defends and rolls with Sudo, ending up with Craig in Genki’s full guard.

Genki keeps an active guard and gets Oxley in a triangle choke.  Genki lands a few strikes, but Oxley doesn’t seem to be in much danger from the submission, but he is stuck.  Sudo repositions his legs, trying the choke from the other side, but still no tap from Oxley.  Craig manages to get his head free, but in the ensuing scramble, Genki ends up on top of Craig in his closed guard.

Sudo postures up, stands, and then EXECUTES A GIANT SWING!  Genki drops to the mat, right into an Achilles lock, and despite Oxley fighting it, Sudo turns him over and gets the submission.

What Did We Learn?
  •  Genki Sudo is cooler than you (And way cooler than me)
  • Genki Sudo will out grapple a dude so bad he'll finish the fight with a pro wrestling move.