Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s sadder than Jens Pulver.

Fights - There are no UFC events until November 10, so we'll have to make do with B-league and lower level fights.

Bellator 77 - Bellator Fighting Championships had the opening round of their new Lightweight tournament on Friday, and once again helped to provide evidence that Free MMA is Best MMA.  A small highlight video courtesy of Bellator FC can be viewed right here.

Brett Martinez vs. Eric Albright

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Martinez and Albright traded submissions briefly before Martinez finished the fight with a guillotine.

Check out more Bellator and all sorts of other stuff after the jump.

Cosmo Alexandre vs. Mike Bannon

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Cosmo, who you might remember for his guts destruction of Harry Johnson (Still can't believe that's a dude's name), did a lot of punching to Mike Bannon, winning by second round doctor's stoppage.  I wish I could have found footage of Alexandre punching the top of Bannon's feet after Bannon had pulled guard, because it was pretty ridiculous.

Darrell Horcher vs. E.J. Brooks

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Darrell did a big punch and E.J. fell down.  Good stuff.

Ricardo Tirloni vs. Rene Nazare

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Tirloni and Nazare had a nice fight, and Tirloni finished off Nazare with a D'arce choke.

Marcin Held vs. Murad Machaev

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Held is a cool, scrambley fighter that goes for a lot of submissions in a fight, especially leg locks.  He didn't hit any this time, but he did win a unanimous decision.

Dave Jansen vs. Magomed Saadulaev

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Jansen finished off the Amish-looking Russian with a guillotine choke.

Rich Clementi vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy

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Clementi didn't get the rear naked choke shown above, but he did win a split decision victory in a fun fight.

Super Fight League 5 - PUNCH, KICK, WOW!  Once again, India's SFL proved to be pretty rad.  Remember, SFL is running weekly and the fights can be seen for free on its YouTube channel, right here.

Ranjith K vs. Debajit Roy

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SFL 5 was basically the Night of Finishes, Specifically Chokes.  Here's Ranjith K tapping Debajit Roy with a guillotine choke.

Rajesh Sallan vs. Sarabjit Singh

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And now we have Rajesh Sallan winning by rear naked choke.

Manjit Kolekar vs. Ritika Singh

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Women's MMA results in not a choke, but a TKO as Manjit Kolekar pounds out Ritika Singh.

Rajinder Singh Meena vs. Amitesh Chaubey

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Another guillotine finish as Rajinder Singh Meena defeats Amitesh Chaubey.

Sandeep Yadav vs. Amit Kumar

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Yadav wins by guillotine because they are half-price, now through next Tuesday.

Lakhwinder Singh Sekhon vs. Mohamed Abdel Mahid

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Sekhon wins by rear naked choke, and hopefully India's oxygen shortage can get solved so everyone doesn't have to get choked out.

Grab Bag - Random fights from random places across this random world!  RAAAANDOOOM!

Nick Wollum vs. Gary O'Connell

Heayvweight (Or, in this case, Super Heavyweight) fights are usually pretty hilarious, and this fight is no exception.  Holy macaroni, This Gary O'Connell, y'all.

Kim Hoon vs. Justin Murray

Legend FC 3 looks to have a bit more production value than the previous fight, and this contest between Hoon and Murray is pretty fun.  It doesn't last long, though, so keep your lookin'-balls peeled and unblinking.

Wael Gharieb vs. Mat Shannon

Despite coming from the hoary wasteland that is Canada, this fight is good if you are a grapple fan.  Basically one guy is just skilled enough to not get submitted instantly, but that's about it.

Kaline Medeiros vs. Stephanie Eggink

Here's a women's fight that features a nice overhand punch and a "falling tree" knockout.  Yeesh!

Ivhan Bibiatov vs. Mateusz Piechochki

This is a three second knockout because head kicks are deadly.  Good job, Polish guy!

News - All kinds of things happed this week in the dumb world of MMA.  Here's like two of those things, maybe more!

Jason Miller Talks with Ariel Helwani

Jason "Mayhem" Miller has had a rough couple of months. After injuring both knees in a loss to CB Dolloway that led to him getting cut from the UFC, Miller was arrested in a church, allegedly naked at the timeRecently, he was on Ariel Helwani's show to ostensibly promote the movie Here Comes the Boom, but referred to himself as the character "Lucky Patrick".  Now Miller is spending an hour with Helwani, walking through Central Park, to I guess clear the air.  Miller's claiming the Patrick stunt was part science experiment and part prank.  It's an interesting interview, even though I don't take everything Miller says as being entirely truthful.

Shinya Aoki is Best Dad

Shinya Aoki is a grappling wizard of the highest order, and he looks to be passing the skills along to his kid by working on submissions.  You gotta fight the hands, Baby Aoki!

Antonio Nogueira is the Best Mummy

Remember Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira versus Dave "Pee Wee" Herman from UFC 153?  If "Big Nog" seemed sluggish during the fight, there's a reason for that.  He broke a rib a few weeks before the fight, got a local anesthetic and still submitted Herman.  Nogueira is basically the tanker from Mad Max at this point, just full of sand.

Old Lady Wants to Punch Dudes

Recently, I put up a link to 61-year old Sue Hemenway's MMA debut.  Now, 56-year old Khandace Cossitt wants to enter the world of MMA, except she wants to fight a man.  It does help that she's 6'5" and claims to have decked a lot of guys, I guess.  I'm sure if nothing else, she'll get a chance in Alaska, or somewhere else with no regulating commission to put a stop to insanity like this.