Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s dirtier than Chieck Kongo.

Fights - UFC is back, yay!  I did super awful in my predictions, but I'm not that concerned, there is current A-League MMA in my world again!  The fight section is going to be pretty much all UFC 152 related.

Baczynski vs. Thoresen

Seth Baczynski dropped Simeon Thoresen with a nice overhand left to help start out the night.  Clearly the “Polish Pistola” was a higher caliber opponent for Thoresen (I AM AN AWFUL PUNSTER, PLEASE HELP!)

Magalhaes vs. Pokrajac

Vinny Magalhaes finished Igor Pokrajac with a beautiful armbar.  Igor complained the next day about getting submitted, whining that he didn’t want a grappling contest, but a fight, yet he’s the doofus that initiated a trip takedown on the jiu-jitsu blackbelt.  In the paraphrased, garbled words of Scott Steiner, I’ve got no sympy for Igor Pokrajac.

Check out action from the main card, plus much more after the jump!

Swanson vs. Oliveira

Cub Swanson beat Charles Oliveira by time-delayed knockout.  Cub landed a nice liver shot earlier that “do Bronx” seemed to shake off, then hit a big overhand right that also didn’t seem to faze Oliveira.  I guess he wasn’t used to the time difference, though, as seconds later, Oliveira collapses in pain and the referee stops the fight.

Jones vs. Belfort

Vitor Belfort nearly caught Jon Jones early in round one in an armbar, and according to both men after the fight, there was a lot of popping and overall unpleasant noises coming from Jones and his trapped appendage.

Jones managed to escape the submission and finish the fight in the fourth round with an Americana after spending the previous three rounds cutting open Vitor’s face with his vicious ground and pound elbows.

Death in Kazakhstan 

I've got to be honest, I don't know a thing about what's going on here, other than it happened in Kazakhstan, that guy in black shorts died, and the ref's costume is my favorite.  Oh, and the medical staff (Or maybe just some nearby butchers?) are efficient and just put the dead guy on the body bag for quick transport.  Last thing, how nonchalant are those announcers?  No change in volume, pitch, inflection, just continue with the golf-style announcing as some guy's brain leaks.

Referee Incompetence

I'm not sure where this is from, all I know is that one fighter gets caught in a triangle choke, refuses to tap (As is anyone's right), and falls unconscious.  The winner does not notice how limp the opponent has become, nor does the referee.  Apparently bored, the victor lets go and finally the referee intervenes.  I'm glad the guy regained consciousness fairly quickly and hope there was no long-term damage.

The Indomitable Spirit of Crazy-Ass Brazilians


This fight is between Robert Petter, who turns out to be a pretty skilled grappler, versus Cleiton Silva, fighting out of the Full House camp (Seriously).  Petter gets the fight on the ground and keeps trying different submissions, from armbars, to omoplatas, to triangle chokes (with armbars).  Silva's no slouch, though, staying out of danger (Though it looks like he goes for at least one "Brazilian" tap at least once, or maybe he just flails his arms a bit more than usual when in submissions) and finally manages to escape completely.  Silva goes on the attack, but the referee steps in because Silva's left arm is broken and dangling uselessly.  Silva flops it around forlornly, but doesn't seem too upset with the stoppage.


The ALBANIAN ASSASSIN is the greatest cage fighter in the history of the world, that is all.  Watch out everyone from Demetrious Johnson to Junior Dos Santos, the ALBANIAN ASSASSIN is coming for all of you (Though he's obviously a natural Shirtweight fighter)!

Not much in news, so I'll just cram the one story into my "What's up next?" part.  UFC on Fuel - Struve vs. Miocic is on Saturday, and Strikeforce:  Melendez vs. Healy was supposed to be that same day, but Gilbert Melendez got hurt.  Showtime didn't want to air the event without a headliner, so Strikeforce canceled the entire event, even though there was the possibility of bumping Josh Thomson into the main event to take on Healy for an interim Welterweight title and Jorge Masvidal was training on the off-chance for just such an occasion, so he could have fought Thomson's original opponent, Caros Fodor.  Except Showtime doesn't really care about Strikeforce, so those ideas were scrapped.  Which really sucks since there were some fights I was looking forward to.  OH WELL, GUESS I'LL HAVE TO BE CONTENT WITH JUST ONE FREE MIXED MARTIAL ARTS EVENT THAT NIGHT.