Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Week in Dumb MMA Stuff

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that’s worse than Pete Spratt’s submission defense.

Fights – There weren’t any major promotions putting on fights this weekend, but the Z-leagues are always doing something.

Legacy Fighting Championship 14

Jeff Rexroad vs. Lucas Pimenta

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Jeff Rexroad submitted Lucas Pimenta with a pretty wonky triangle choke in their Welterweight title fight.  The triangle usually has the opponent’s arm doing part of the choking, but it looks like Rexroad’s arms are the only thing with direct contact on Pimenta’s neck.  It got the job done, which is all that matters.  Congratulations on the title, Jeff!

Check out more LFC 14 and other MMA stuff after the break!

Steven Peterson vs. Cody Williams

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Cody Williams dropped Steven Peterson twice in their fight, and looked pretty close to finishing off Peterson.

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Peterson wasn’t quite done, though, and managed to do something pretty uncommon in MMA – win a fight by omoplata.  Most of the time I’ve seen the shoulder lock applied, it’s used as a sweep to gain a more advantageous position on the opponent, but Peterson decided to ride things out and get the submission.

Derrick Krantz vs. Brandon Farran

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Brandon Farran executes a pretty cool-looking takedown on Derrick Krantz, getting Krantz’s legs to helicopter.

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Krantz didn’t want to just be part of Farran’s highlight reel and submits Farran with a rear naked choke.  After a brief celebration, the two fighters hug it out.  I also just want to say I like Farran’s leopard-print gladiator skirt.

Matt Schnell vs. Ryan Hollis

Gif by https://twitter.com/ZProphet_MMA

Ryan Hollis lands a nice super kick (Minus a tuned-up band, so it’s drastically less effective) against Matt Schnell in what would ultimately be a losing effort.  Better luck next time, Ryan (Provided you adhere to proper technique when employing a super kick)

Ion Cutelaba vs. Daglar Gasimov

We move away from Houston, Texas, LFC 14, and fights from this month, to go back to April, to see Ion "Cute Labs" (Not his actual nickname) Cutelaba take on Daglar Gasimov because I just found out about this fight, and it's pretty entertaining.  Cutelaba is a young kid, only 18, and he's very sloppy with his punches, but it doesn't matter because he's got a lot of power, finishing Gasimov and his petrol-based robots off in under 30 seconds.

News - Other than a bunch of people getting injured and more cards getting shuffled, there wasn't a lot of news.

Michelle "the Karate Hottie" Waterson is making her Invicta FC debut at Invicta FC 3 in October, so she's made a video showcasing why she'll win, with cameos from her head trainer, Greg Jackson, and fellow Jackson/Winklejohn fighters, Travis Browne, Kyle Noke, and Jon Jones as ring men.  I'd actually like to see Invicta use guys, since the idea for ring girls is basically "We know you are watching two adult, shirtless men in close physical contact for a prolonged amount of time, so to offset the chance that it might give you strange downstairs feelings, here is a lady in a bikini holding a piece of cardboard to tell you what round it is".  Why not some buff dudes for when the ladies fight (That would mean Browne and Noke are out)?  Anyway, I hope Waterson does well in her promotional debut.

Nothing else really stood out to me this week, so that's where I'll leave the Dumb Stuff.  UFC 152 should be occurring on Saturday, so I'll get a primer of that up before then.  There were some difficulties and delays regarding this month's Splish-Splash Blood Bath, so that will have to wait a little longer, but I might have another Rad Fight or Fantastic Finish soon.