Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rad Fights of Yesteryear - Emelianenko vs Randleman

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It's time, once again, for Rad Fights of Yesteryear!  This is from the 2004 Pride Heavyweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals, as then-current Pride Heavyweight champion, Fedor "the Last Emperor" Emelianenko takes on Kevin "the Monster Randleman.

Who Are These Jerks?
Fedor “the Last Emperor” Emelianenko is a Sambo practitioner, and, at the time of this fight, was considered one of the best Heavyweights in the world, coming into the contest at 18-1.  Kevin “the Monster” Randleman is a wrestler and has the size of a Light Heavyweight, but achieved far more success at Heavyweight (Probably because the Heavyweights generally aren't as skilled), capturing the UFC's Heavyweight title in 1999.  He enters this bout at 15-7. 

What's So Special About This Dumb Fight?

There’s a very brief striking exchange that allows Randleman to get a body clinch.  Kevin lifts Fedor off the mat and takes him down, landing in half-guard.  Randleman lands a few punches before Emelianenko gives up his back and stands back to his feet.  What follows is the greatest German suplex in the entire history of throws.

Randleman, having leveled up twice after knocking out Mirko Filipovic in his last fight, and wanting to try out his new moves, launches Emelianenko off his feet and decides to leap into the air as well, smashing Fedor’s head and neck into the canvas.  Surprisingly, Fedor’s head doesn’t fly off into the fifth row, nor does his spine get pulverized into bone dust.  Instead, Emelianenko calmly sweeps Randleman, attains side control, punches Randleman in the head around twenty times, and then sinks a fight ending kimura.

Being all stoic and Russian, Emelianenko pretty much remains calm the entire fight, only smiling slightly after Randleman lifts him in the air post-fight.

What Did We Learn?

  • Wrestling is pretty cool, but Sambo is kind of awesome
  • German suplexes are most awesome
  • Sambo teaches you to fall from great heights directly on your head to no ill effects
  •  Seriously, how did Fedor not die from that?