Sunday, April 28, 2013

Technique Appreciation Station - German suplex

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Well lookie here, a new article category that I'm sure will be used once or twice and then forgotten or ignored! This time, instead of talking about dudes what do cool moves, I'm just going to focus on cool moves done by a bunch of different guys, because screw analysis, let's just look at GIFs!

There are a lot of different grappling arts at play in mixed martial arts, and since every fight starts standing (Wheelchair karate bouts notwithstanding), they all include various methods of getting an opponent to the ground. The cooler arts include throws, because the ancient masters knew that hucking some dorkus through the air and onto his face looked pretty sweet. Wrestling has some exceptional throws, which makes sense since it was devloped initially by thick-necked farmhands as a means of transporting livestock. The raddest of all wrestling throws is the suplex, and at the top of the suplex list is the German variant (Or belly to back if you want to be a lame pedant about things)

Soup-Flex, You Say? Do Go On!

First of all, this ain't no portmanteau, it's a dang suplex, so get it right, or pay the price. Second of all, fake dumb reader I constantly berate, I think we should watch a brief tutorial on how to properly suplex some jamoke out his (Or her!) shoes.

Now that proper suplexery has been explained to us, it's time to see the German in action for real. Check out a plethora of GIFs and videos after the jump because I don't want to explode anyone's browsers or however that works.

I've already written about one of the most epic suplexes in the history of MMA, so feel free to refresh your memory about the time Kevin Randleman ALMOST popped Fedor Emelianenko's head off at the shoulders.

Dan Severn might have invented the German suplex in MMA at UFC 4 against Anthony Macias.

Flipping the script to a Russian (Technically Dagestani) fighter delivering a killer suplex, Rustam Khabilov made his UFC debut by suplexing Vinc Pichel into a living death, and holy hell, it was awesome.

We can't forget about Rory MacDonald German suplexing Nate Diaz back down to lightweight. Anytime a person gets ragdolled out of an entire division, you know the 'plexing is awesome.

 On a Z-league level, some dude named Gregy Styles (Greg E. Styles, maybe?) showed why it's good to outweigh an opponent by twenty pounds (And the lighter guy still has to wear a shame-shirt) by, according to the video description "suplexing the FIRE" out of some doughy Jeet Kune Do practicioner (I was unaware water could get suplexed so thoroughly).

 Another angle because it's pretty dang rad.

Back to Japan, there was the time Josh Barnett hit back to back belly to back suplexes on Yuki Kondo (To be fair, Barnett also wrestles professionally, so he knows all about a good German)

Speaking of pro wrestlers, Katsuyori Shibata hit a beautifully arched German on rad dude MINOWAMAN

Those are some of my very favorite German suplexes. Let me know if I missed any particularly rad ones in the comments, or tell me your favorites.