Thursday, April 11, 2013

Event Primer - TUF 17 Finale

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's shocked a guy named "Meathead" would have fucking atrocious opinions on anything.

Preliminary Card (Facebook)

Featherweight - Justin "The American Kidd" Lawrence vs Daniel "The Pit" Pineda
  • Lawrence's Style - Striking
  • Pineda's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Lawrence by KO

Featherweight - Sam Sicilia vs Maximo "Maxi" Blanco
  • Sicilia's Style - Wrestling, striking
  • Blanco's Style - Wrestling, striking, knee to the butt
  • Prediction -  Blanco by KO

Featherweight - Cole "Magrinho" Miller vs Bart "Bartimus" Palaszewski
  • Miller's Style - Submissions
  • Palaszewski's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Palaszewski by TKO

Preliminary Card (FuelTV)

Middleweight - Clint "Headbussa" Hester vs Bristol Marunde
  • Hester's Style - Striking
  • Marunde's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Hester by TKO

Middleweight - Dylan "The Villain" Andrews vs Jimmy "Crash" Quinlan
  • Andrews's Style - Wrestling, boxing
  • Quinlan's Style - Wrestling, BJJ, stories
  • Prediction - Quinlan by submission

Middleweight - Luke "The Bigslow" Barnatt vs Collin Hart
  • Barnatt's Style - Striking, tall
  • Hart's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction -Barnatt by TKO

Middleweight - Josh Samman vs "King" Kevin Casey
  • Samman's Style - DOUBLE PUNCH
  • Casey's Style - BJJ, rapping
  • Prediction - Samman by TKO
  • Thoughts - I would prefer the meteor to win this one.

Main Card (FX)

Middleweight - Bubba "The Menace" McDaniel vs Gilbert "Jamal" Smith
  • McDaniel's Style - Losing hilariously
  • Smith's Style - Complete inability to wear shirts
  • Prediction - Smith by super destruction. Bubba is a big honkin' pile of dumb.

Heavyweight - Travis "Hapa" Browne vs Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga
  • Browne's Style - Striking
  • Gonzaga's Style - BJJ, life tips
  • Prediction - Gonzaga by submission

Women's Bantamweight - Miesha "Cupcake" Tate vs "Alpha" Cat Zingano
  • Tate's Style - Wrestling
  • Tate's Former Nickname - Miesha "Takedown" Tate
  • Zingano's Style -BJJ
  • Zingano's Maiden Name - "Hey, Hey, Hey, It's" Cat Albert (I'm not saying divorce Mr. Zingano, but Cat Albert is such a boss name, maybe be an 'independent' married lady for a hot minute).
  • Prediction - Zingano by decision
  • Thoughts - Winner gets to do the following unenviable things: 1. Coach against Ronda Rousey in, according to Joe "DURR" Rogan, the sure to be rape-filled madhouse that is the upcoming co-ed season of TUF. 2. Fight Ronda Rousey, attempt to win the women's Bantamweight title, or at the very least, keep all limbs intact.

Middleweight TUF Finals - Uriah "Prime Time" Hall vs Kelvin Gastelum
  • Hall's Style - MurderDeathKickboxing
  • Gastelum's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Gastelum by TKO
  • Thoughts - Holy cow, this was a great season of TUF, and I really like both these dudes.

Bantamweight - Urijah "The California Kid" Faber vs Scott "Young Guns" Jorgensen
  • Faber's Style - Brozilian Bro Jitsu, Thong-Bang Muay Thai
  • Jorgensen's Style - Wrestling
  • Prediction - Jorgensen by decision
  • Thoughts - If you've been to this blog before, you know what this is. TEAM ALPHA MALE