Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fantastic Finishes - Henderson vs Bisping

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Today on Fantastic Finishes, we celebrate AMERICA!

Dan "Hendo" Henderson vs Michael Bisping - UFC 100 (July 11, 2009)

Who are these guys?

Dan Henderson is a wrestler that posses a megaton warhead in his right fist known as the H-Bomb. Michael Bisping is a kickboxer that has been called out by ever fighter that's ever made the UFC roster. They spent several weeks coaching against each other on The Ultimate Fighter were Dan was charming and funny, and Bisping was contentious, smarmy, and a big dumb jerk.

What's so special about this fight?

This fight is pretty much the best knockout in the history of knockouts. To the people that watched the entire season of TUF and saw Bisping constantly complaining, and making fun of people, but unable to handle even the slightest bit of joking at his expense, it was sweet revenge.  It spawned hilarious photoshops, the best of which is this one:

Uncle Sam says BLAMMO!

What did we learn?

  • Don't circle to the left against Henderson (Bisping's corner SCREAMS this at him between rounds)