Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Technique Appreciation Station - Guillotine choke

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's been learning takedown defense from a Weeble.

This time on Technique Appreciation Station, a fairly standard choke with a couple of interesting variations, the guillotine choke.

Protect Ya Neck!

Before we can fully explore the wonders of the guillotine, we must first learn how to apply a simple, basic guillotine choke. Pretty straight forward, just grab a neck and do a squeeze thing and bing, bang, boom, guillotine.

Standard, in-guard guillotines are all well and good, but there are enough variants to keep things interesting:

There's the arm-in guillotine, or what I sometimes call the "whoopsie d'arce-aconda".

Also fun is the standing guillotine.

Wonderful, terrible things

 Especially if you are like Dan Miller or Scott Jorgensen and can do terrible things to your opponent.

If you combine the arm-in and the standing, you get the B-League Special, and it's always fun watching Bellator prelims, trying to guess which fights will end with a standing arm-in guillotine.

A slight modification to the standing guillotine is the power guillotine, done with a grip similar to a rear naked choke, and made famous by Team Alpha Male, which is why I call it the Brollotine.

Similar to the Brollotine is Tim Kennedy's Oswald, which I've only seen once, but it was horrifying and cool at the same time.

Some weird people in England have really goofed up the entire concept of the guillotine and "invented" something they call the "Grobbit". Do not ever attempt the "Grobbit", it is dumb and so are those weird Britishers.

The ultimate in guillotine variations, though, is the devastating McKenzietine. Perfected by Cody McKenzie he utilized to hilarious effect on The Ultimate Fighter.

Fear not, friends! Should you ever find yourself ensnared in a guillotine, you do have one avenue for salvation: the Von Flue shoulder choke. It's not going to work all the time, and I believe it is pretty much useless against the McKenzietine, but it's not bad if there's nothing else. Plus, it's a weird, wonky, rarely used submission, and I'm all about those.

What Did We Learn?

  • Gurgle
  • Blurble
  • Bleargh
  • *unconscious*