Sunday, June 23, 2013

Technique Appreciation Station - Chin-in-eye submission

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that doesn't actually talk about leg kick TKOs (Whoops!).

This time on TAS we look back to the ye olden timey days of mixed martial arts where rules were scarce. In the early days of MMA (And also Vale Tudo), wrestlers basicaly had three paths to victory:

  1. Headbutts - get atop a man and smash his face into a jelly with your own noggin
  2. Knees to the head - get atop a man, move to north/south position, and smash his brain to paste with knees
  3. Chin in eye submission - get atop a man and jam your jawbone into his eyesocket until the dude gives the hell up

Before people wised up and outlawed this crazy-ass 'technique', there were a few notable instances of its effectiveness.

"The Smashing Machine" Mark Kerr submitted Dan Bobish to win the finals of the UFC 14 Heavyweight tournament.

Chin in eye wizard Chirs Haseman has two victories by that 'hold', one of which is over "The King of Rock and Rumble" Elvis Sinosic.

I fully appreciate the effectiveness of the submission, but something that directly targets the eyes is a little too much in my book. I'm glad it's illegal, and now there is nothing in all of MMA that can threaten a fighter's vision (Except everything else, like getting punched in the eye, or glove seams cutting the eyelids, or "accidental" eye pokes, or, if you're Mike Winklejohn, one of your students cutting your eyeball with his toenail)