Thursday, January 2, 2014

Event primer - UFC Fight Night 34

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's gonna watch every Olaf Alfonso fight on FIGHT PASS.

A brief note - This event is the UFC's first foray into their new Fight Pass system, which is good in theory, but in the reality of this card, is littered with fighters who I believe are entirely fictitious. As such, my notes on fighter styles and fight predictions will be even more slipshod than usual.

Prelims (Fight Pass)

Bantamweight - Leandro "Brodinho" Issa vs Russell Doane

  • Issa's Style - Grappling
  • Alternate Issa nickname - Leandro Issa "Me, Mario!"
  • Doane's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Issa by decision

Bantamweight - Dustin "The Diamond" Kimura vs Jon "The Heat" Delos Reyes

  • Kimura's Style - Grappling
  • Reyes' Style - Freestyle
  • Prediction - Kimura by submission (Not a kimura, though)

Lightweight - Mairbek "Beckan" Taisumov vs Tae Hyun "Supernatural" Bang

  • Taisumov's Style - Probably sambo!
  • Bang's Style - Standing
  • Prediction - Taisumov by submission
  • Thoughts - Though not as cool as Dagestanis, Chechens are pretty cool Russian-esque fighters. Also, I think there is an entire subgenre of romance novels about Supernatural Bangs.

Bantamweight - Royston Wee vs Dave "Scarecrow" Galera

  • Wee's Style - Going home, grappling
  • Fake Wee nickname - Royston "Vasey" Wee
  • Galera's Style - Freestyle
  • Prediction - Galera by submission

Lightweight - Quinn Mulhern vs Katsunori Kikuno

  • Mulhern's Style - Sleaze-stache
  • Kikuno's Style - Kick, you know?
  • Prediction - Kikuno by KO
  • Thoughts - I sometimes get Kikuno and Kitaoka confused, but then I remember Kikuno throws crescent KIKs so that helps.

Featherweight - Max "Blessed" Holloway vs Will "The Kill" Chope

  • Holloway's Style - Kickboxing
  • Chope's Style - Grappling
  • Prediction - Holloway by KO

Main Card (FIGHT PASS)

Bantamweight - Kyung Ho "Mr. Perfect" Kang vs Shunichi "Rolling Star" Shimizu

  • Kang's Style - Birthing McGillicutties, grappling
  • Shimizu's Style - Grappling
  • Prediction - Shimizu by decision

Welterweight - Kiichi "Strasser" Kunimoto vs Luiz "Besouro" Dutra, Jr

  • Kunimot's Style - Grappling
  • Dutra's Style - Freestyle
  • Prediction - Kunimoto by submission

Featherweight - Tatsuya "Crusher" Kawajiri vs Sean Soriano

  • Kawajiri's Style - Crushing
  • Soriano's Style - Blogging (Oh, waith, I'm thinking of Shea Serrano, never mind)
  • Prediction - Crusher gonna Crush

Welterweight - Tarec "The Sponge" Saffiedine vs Hyun Gyu "The Ace" Lim

  • Saffiedine's Style - Kickboxing, grappling
  • Lim's Style - Striking
  • Prediction - Lim by KO