Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fighter Appreciation - Pat Barry

Welcome to Leg Kick TKO, a MMA blog that's been submitted by turtlenecks on several occasions.

Pat Barry serves all

Once again, I've created a new category of articles because I'm all over the place with this blog. Instead of focusing on retired (Or at least fighters with a decade or more of experience) guys, Fighter Appreciation is all about me gushing over how cool and awesome I find current fighters.

Pat "Hype Or Die" Barry is an outstanding fighter, personality, motivator, cornerman, and all around great person.

Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

Pat began his combat sports training and career in his 20s, which is both impressive considering how quickly he's picked up on kicking someone's ass, but also baffling since Pat is basically a fusion of a human ninja turtle and a live action Street Fighter that'd you would actually want to watch (Van Damme it!). Apparently he spent his first two decades of existence osmotically learning about martial arts.

After a couple years of beating dudes into quivering heaps of pain, sadness, and failure, Pat decided to find a new crop of people to break in half and transitioned from kickboxing into MMA.

Pat's first couple of MMA bouts were pretty straightforward: Pat kicks dork in legs, dork either gives up then and there, or cringes in anticipation so much that Pat knocks the dork's head clean off, quickly putting Pat at 4-0, all by first round stoppage, 3 by leg kick TKOs (And you wonder why I love this dude so much), one by head kick KO, all in a grand total of 8:40.

Unfortunately, Pat's opponents soon realized that taking a kick from Mr. Thunder Thighs is the worst possible thing, they started grappling him voraciously. Due to, in some cases, being decades behind his opponent on the ground, Pat was unfairly saddled with the reputation of having no ground game. This is simply untrue, and, quite frankly, borderline slander.

Barry has trained grappling, and while he's yet to record a submission in his MMA career, he's got an arsenal of moves that would easily win him gold at ADCC, some, like the above, he learned from no-gi grappling wizard, Eddie Bravo.

Other submissions were passed on to Barry from his girlfriend, "Thug" Rose Namajunas, and all UFC heavyweights going forward must be on notice for Pat's ever-improving ground game.

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So He Can Kick-Punch and Do Grab Attacks. What Else is So Great About Him?

Pat isn't just buckets of entertainment when he fights. He's also fascinating when he's doing something as mundane as cornering his girlfriend, "Thug" Rose Namajunas (Though, of course, with HYPE OR DIE, nothing is ever mundane) during her fights, and heck, he even gets in a few shots during his victory flip-out.

Barry also has some of the most impressive set of pipes, as evidenced by the above duet with Mirko "Cro-Cop" Filipovic, but also his serenade of his girlfriend, "Thug" Rose Namajunas. In addition to his singing skills, Pat entertains through all aspects of video, including this insanity brought on by a trip to an isolation tank.

Okay, So He's a Rad Fighter and an Entertaining Dude, But What's This About Motivation?

Glad you asked, fake Greek chorus! In addition to his fantastic corner advice of "PUNCH HER IN THE NOSE!", Pat can motivate even the craziest member of The Ultimate Fighter with his words of wisdom.

He can also convince others to take up arms to defend their domiciles and supplies against the potential threat of sea marauders as he once did.

Pat's best manner of motivation, though, is his ability to break down technique and impart his wisdom to others, whether it's a new training method or how to properly catch fish.

Dang! He's the Best!

I totally know that! Pat Barry's the coolest dude. Seriously, the best guy and you should watch every video he's in a hundred times.